American Revolution

  • Boaton Massacre

    The British troops shot inito a crowd of colonists that were threatening them. They killed five people. This made the colonists want a revolution even more than before.
  • Boston Tea Party.

    When colonists raided three birtish ships hile dressed as Indians. To protest the new tax on tea they threw several hundad boxes of tea into the harbor.
  • First continental congress

    All the colonies except Georgia sent delegate and they met in Pensylvania. Some delagates were there to show that they were infavor of the colonists' rights but other delagets were there to support Britian.
  • "Common Sense" published

    A pamphlet written by Thomas Paine explaining the reasons why it is silly to trust the British. He also writes that he thinks we will never be able to forgive the british for what they had done.
  • Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

    One evening Paul Revere was sent out to warn Samual Adams and John Hancock that the British troops were on their way. He was accompanied by another rider ,Dawes, and shouted out phrases like "The regulars are out!"
  • The battles of lexington and concord

    This was the fist battle of the American Revolution. It it still unknown who fired the first shot but it is still known as the"shot heard around the world". The Americans were forced to retreat.
  • Second Continental Congress Meets

    The second continental congress meeting was when they elected George Washington as commander in cheif of the Continental Army. Also, this was when they actually established a militia to protect the thirteen states.
  • Fort Ticonderoga

    This was taken by the British in the French and Indian war. However, we won it back in 1775 and it is considered our first real victory of the American Revolution
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    A battle in the American revolution that was really faught at Breeds Hill. The British won the actual hill but had more casualties than the colonists.
  • British Evaucuate Boston

    This was General Washington's first victory. After the British awake one morning to find their cannons pionted towards themselves they headed to nova scotia
  • declaration of independance announced

    The document declaring the colonies free from England. It was written by Thomas Jefferson and included all of the signatures of those who were part of it.
  • Washington captures Trenton

    This battle took place in Tenton New Jersey on the Delaware river. The whole army had to cross the frozen river. This was a great victoy for the Americans because they beat the British.
  • Winter at Valley Forge, PA

    The troops had to sleep in tents that provided very little protection from the cold. Because they didn;t have the proper clothing they shared it when one of them needed to go outside.
  • British defeated at Saratoga

    Often called the turning point of the war. The battle lasted a whole seven days before the colonists won the battle. The American victory caused France, Spain, and Holland to side with the Americans because they were frequently fighting with Britian.
  • Benedict Arnold plans found out

    Benedict Arnold was a general for the clonists. He believed he didn't get the recognition he deserved in the Battle of Saratoga. So he decided to turn on the colonists and join the british by planning an attack with them
  • John Paul Jones defeats the Serapis

    He sailed the ship the Bonhomme richard. He was able to beat the HMS Serapis eventhough they were a much larger and better equiped ship.
  • Cornwallis surrenders

    In yorktown, General Cornwallis for the British Army surrendered.