American Revolution

  • Period: to

    War Time

  • Battles of Lexington and Concord

    This battle is important because it is the first battle of the war. It had the first shot in the war, also known as the "shot heard around the world". The winner was the Patriots.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    The troops were supposed to go to Bunker Hill, but went instead to Breed's Hill. It was won by the British, but nearly half of the attacking British were killed. This showed England that the colonies were organizing against them, and the King issued the proclamation of Rebellion, in which the colonies were to be treated as foreigners declaring war.
  • Battle of Dorchester Heights

    The patriots had carried 59 cannons from Fort Ticonderoga, 500 miles away, with a yoke of oxen to the hill of Dorchester Heights, near Boston. To keep the British from hearing the Patriots fortify it, they covered the wheels in straw and positioned them. The colonists won the battle without firing a shot. It was the first victory by General Washington in the American Revolution.
  • Declaration of Independence

    It said that the colonies were free and independent from Britain. It officially declared war on Britian and set the war in full swing.
  • Battle of Long Island

    In this battle, the winner was the British. They successfully drove the Americans out of New York. They were also able to control the largest population in the colonies, and New York Harbor.
  • Battle of Trenton

    The British had won a series of victories in a row. General Washington wanted to end it and improve Patriot morale. He decided to attack a fort of 1,500 Hessians in Trenton, New Jersey. He decided that they would cross the Delaware River, where a group would attack and a group would block there retreat. The Patriots attacked and won, but the blocking line didn't make it across the Deleware. This was the Patriots first major victory in the war.
  • Battle of Princeton

    General Washington was attacked at Assunpink Creek by British forces. As a counterattack, He decided to attack Princeton, New Jersey. The patriots had won the battle, and turned the war in their favor from losing to winning, and had forced the British out of New Jersey.
  • Battle of Brandywine

    British General Howe wanted to capture Philidelphia. General Washington deployed his forces at the Brandywine Creek to stop them. Some of the British forces staged a diversionary attack on the Americans, while General Howe snuck around and attacked Washington's forces from behind. Washingotn retreated, and the British won Philidelphia.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    The winner of Patriots. It was the turning point in the war. The British tried to come in from Canda and New York and meet at Saratoga. The Patriots defeated the British in hte struggle, and convinced the French that they stood a chance against Britain.
  • Valley Forge

    This was the winter quarters for the colonists first winter in the war. This was when they were trained to be professional soldiers.
  • The Seige of Yorktown

    General Washington and the French Generals Rochambeau and Lafayette led an attack against a British fort at Yorktown. The Patriots won the battle. This was significant because it gave the Patriots a distinct advantanage, and it turned the British public against the war.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay met with British officials in Paris. They came to an agreement to stop the war and we gained independence.