American Revolution

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  • Lexington & Concord

    The events at Lexington and Concord were one of the most significant during the American Revolution, because the Patriots showed that they would rather fight than give up their rights. Tensions had been increasing between the colonists and the British after Prime Minister George Grenville proposed the Stamp Act. The colonists were enraged by Parliament taxing them. They saw this as a violation of their rights as British subjects. Some colonists protested and decided to boycott British goods.
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    American Revolution

  • Battle of Trenton

    The battle at trenton was one of the most shocking battles in history. The battle was placed on December 25th, 1776 (christmas). It took place in Trenton New Jersey crossing the delaware river. The battle was between the americans, the hessians, and the british army (navy). The 2 generals fighting for freedom were George Washington, and colonial Rahl. The approximate number of soldiers were 2,400 americans and 1,200 british and hessian soldiers with 6 light guns.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    This event was a key turning point in the american revolution because it it gave France a reason to become America’s ally and brought morale up within the troops. Previously, Washington had strategically disappeared into the countryside for the British follow. By the time Burgoyne’s army reached Saratoga Springs on the Hudson River, they were slow and tired by the constant pursuit. Not only that, but the area that Burgoyne decided to rest was loaded with the colonial militia.
  • Surrender at Yorktown

    The Surrender at Yorktown was one of the most significant battles during the American Revolution because it marked the end of the war and gave America its independence. At first, the Americans lost the battle in New York City and lost their hopes. But, with the inspiration from George Washington and the messages from The Crisis, the Americans pulled up a big victory in Trenton with a surprise attack.