American Revolution

  • Green Mountain Boys

    Green Mountain Boys
    The green mountain boys were led by Ethan Allen. On May 10, The green mountain boys struck fort Ticonderoga. The green mountain boys went and fought a British garrison. They took the British cannons and sent them to Boston. About 20 people died in this act and 10 got hurt.
  • Bunker Hill

    Bunker Hill
    2000 British soldiers went to breeds hill nearby bunker hill and tried to wipe-out the Americans. The Americans had very little ammo and were told not to waste there ammo. More than 1000 British soldiers were killed or wounded. The British claimed victory because the Americans had to retreat.
  • The Battle of Long Island

    The Battle of Long Island
    In effort to defend Long Island Washington moved about 19000 troops to long island. In august of 1776 Howe chose to land on long island. Washington’s troops fought bravely. At least 1500 were killed, injured, or taken prison. The Americans were not able to hold new York, for many weeks, Washington himself was in danger of being captured. In the end Washington lost new York, but he managed to escape the British.
  • The Battle of Saratoga

    The Battle of Saratoga
    Burgoyne would lead an army to New York. Howe would lead an army to New York. Legar would lead an army to New York. Burgoyne got there thinking that the other guys would be there and they weren’t there. America attacked Burgoyne while Burgoyne and his army were retreating to Canada. The Americans surrounded the British and blocked every possible path to safety. Burgoyne surrendered. America took at least 6000 British soldiers prison.
  • Swamp Fox

    Swamp Fox
    His time occurred in the 1780s. Swamp Fox is not his real name his real name is Francis Marion. He led a band of organized raiders. Swamp Fox led the troops into quick strikes, cutting off enemy supplies and supply routes. Swamp Fox usually struck at night because it was harder to see. He never stayed at the same camp more than once. Swamp Fox’s raids helped keep the British off balance.
  • the Battle of Cowpens

    the Battle of Cowpens
    The battle of Cowpens- Daniel Morgan and Nathanial Greene won battles for the patriots in the south. On January 17, 1781, Morgan defeated the British in south Carolina at the Battle of Cowpens. Greene used tactics similar to Swamp Fox( Francis Marion) . Greene was considered by some people Washington’s best general. Greene and Morgan joined forces with hopes of crushing Cornwallis’s weakened force. The patriots won this battle.
  • the Battle of Yorktown

    the Battle of Yorktown
    Cornwallis led 7500 troops to Yorktown, Virginia. On august 29, 1781 an admiral anchored 29 warships in Chesapeake bay. His fleet blocked Cornwallis from getting supplies. At the same time Washington’s army and 7000 French troops led by General Jean de Rochambeau hurried from New York to Virginia. The French army blocked Cornwallis every escape. On October 17, 1781 Cornwallis wrote to Washington to cease fire. Two days later the British officially surrendered.