American Revolution

  • first continental congress

    first continental congress
    The first Continental Congress met in Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia, from September 5, to October 26, 1774.
  • Period: to


    the war lasted 8 years
  • battle of concord

    battle of concord
    british were searching for patriot weapons
  • battle of lexington

    battle of lexington
    british won
  • second continental congress

    second continental congress
  • battle of bunker hill

    battle of bunker hill
    2,400 British troops against 1,500 Americans.
  • olive branch petition

    olive branch petition
    approved by continental congress
  • common sense blog

    common sense blog
    "As a long and violent abuse of power is generally the means of calling the right of it in question."
  • approving of declaration of independenc

    approving of declaration of independenc
    The Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress.
  • battle of saratoga

    battle of saratoga
    The Americans forced the surrender of Burgoyne’s force.
  • george washington spends winter at valley forge

    george washington spends winter at valley forge
    The series of events that led to the American Army spending the Winter at Valley Forge began in August 1777.
  • Period: to

    battle of yorktown

    General Washington commanded the Americans, Lieutenant General de Rochambeau commanded the French and Major General Lord Cornwallis commanded the British.