American Revolution

  • Period: to

    French and Indian War

  • Sugar Act

  • The Currency Act

  • The Stamp Act

  • The Declaratory

  • The Boston Massacre

  • The Tea Act

  • Battle of Point Pleasant

    Battle of Point Pleasant, Virginia (disputed as to whether it was a battle of the American Revolution or the culmination of Lord Dunmore's War)
  • George Washington named Commander in Chief

  • Revolution Started

  • Redcoats defeat the George Washington's army in the Battle of Long Island. Washington's army escapes at night.

  • The British occupy New York City

  • Washington victorious at princeton

  • British capture Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania

  • The United States and France sign the French Alliance

  • The Battle of Monmouth Court House ends in a draw

  • The redcoats occupy Savannah

  • Maj. Gen. Moultrie defeats British detachment at Port Royal Island, SC

  • Spain declares war on Great Britain

  • British capture Charleston, SC

  • Americans recapture Augusta, GA

  • King's Mountain, SC: battle lasts 65 minutes. American troops led by Isaac Shelby and John Sevier defeat Maj. Patrick Ferguson and one-third of General Cornwallis's army

  • British and Americans sign preliminary Articles of Peace

  • Signing of The Treaty of Paris

  • British troops leave New York City

  • U.S. Constitution signed