American Indian tribes

  • 250

    classical era

    the maya flourished during this period, it expanded, grew in size and aslo set up a very good government and economy
  • Period: 250 to


  • Dec 7, 600

    Mayan Civilization

    -City-state kings
    -religion played a major roler in society
    -trade links between city-states and other Mesoamerican groups
    -math and astronomy develop to support religous beliefs
    -built pyramids
    -written language using hieroglyphs
  • Dec 9, 700


    the mayan city states broke out in war, causing the downfall of the civilization. over farming and disease also contributed to this
  • Period: Dec 7, 1200 to Dec 7, 1521


  • Dec 7, 1350

    Aztec Civilization

    -Warrior--Kings ran government
    -religion played a major role in society and rule
    -trade links between tribute states and other mesoamerican tribes
    -human sacrifice practiced for reliogous offerings
    -built pyramids
    -pictorial written language
  • Period: Dec 7, 1400 to Dec 7, 1532


  • Dec 9, 1438


    under his rule, the Incan people expanded and conquored nearby lands very quickly.
  • Dec 7, 1450

    Incan Civilization

    -Theocracy,ran by Sun-god
    -religion played a major role in society and rule
    -social wefare system cared for all people
    -extensive road system that linked the countries toogether
  • Dec 9, 1482


    Tenochtitln, Tecoco and Tlacopan formed and alliance, further increasing their power.
  • Dec 9, 1502

    aztec decline

    under montezuma the second, the aztec civization declined rapidly and with the arrival of the s[anish, the aztec civilization was done for.
  • Dec 9, 1525

    Incan decline

    Disease, war and the spanish contributed to the downfall of the incan empire.