American History Unit 2: Beginnings of America

  • Roanoke Colony Forms

    The Roanoke Colony was one of the first colonies that England sent to the Americas and mysteriously disappeared.
  • The English Defeats the Spanish Armada

    The English Defeated the Spanish Armada as it tried to attack England.
  • Jamestown Settlement

    The Jamestown settlement was the first successful colony in the Americas
  • Establishment of New Netherlands

    The New Letherlands was formed.
  • New Netherlands become New York

    The New Netherlands colony is renamed New York.
  • First Anglo-Powhatan War

    It caused the Powhatans to lose land control and opened up more land for England to colonize.
  • Mayflower Compact

    This was the first coverning Document belonging to the Plymouth Colony.
  • Second Anglo-Powhatan Wars

  • Establishment of the Massachusetts Bay Colony

    This was the second and only succesful attempt at creating a Massachusetts Bay Colony by the Massachusetts Bay Company.
  • Pequot War

    A war broke aout between the combined forces of the Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, and Saybrook Colonies and the lone forces of the Pequot Native Americans. It ended in 1638.
  • Banishment of Roger Williams

    Roger Williams was banished on accounts of heresy and sedition. This was later recounted.
  • Establishment of Rhode Island

    Rhode Island was created.
  • Banishment of Anne Hutchinson

    Anne Hutchinson was banished for her intelligence and lack of faith in the common religion.
  • Fundamental Orders

    The Fundamental Orders were adopted by Conneticut. They described how the government ws to be structured.
  • Maryland Toleration Act

    It was a law which was meant to help religious comments.
  • Navigation Laws

    This was a series of laws to restrict foriegn tradein England and the English colonies.
  • Barbados Slave Code

    A law passed in order to protect slaves from cruel masters and masters from rouge slaves.
  • Establishment of the Carolinas

    The Carolinas were formed.
  • King Phillip's War

    King Phillips War was a war that happened between the English Colonists and the Native Americans.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Bacon's Rebellion was the first uprising in the American colonies.
  • Penn's Holy Experiment

    William Penn helped to create a "Perfect" city in Pennsilvania, which he called his Holy Experiment.
  • Dominion of New England

    This was the self-governing of the New England Colonies.
  • The Great Awakening

    This was a time where religion was being changed. Pastors were wanting a greater emotional response.
  • Establishment of Georgia

    Georgia was established.