American History Timeline from 1600-1700

  • Jamestown was settled.

    Jamestown was the first American colony.
  • The House of Burgesses

    This was the first representative assembly in American and they met in Virginia.
  • The Plymouth Colony

    The Plymouth Colony was established by Pilgrims in Massachusetts and the male passenger that got off the ships had to sign the Mayflower Compact, which was their rules for living.
  • Period: to

    Rule of Charles I

    The absolute rule of Charles I caused considerable friction between the English Parliament and the king.
  • Great Migration

  • Period: to

    Pequot War

  • English Revolution

  • Period: to

    Governor Kieft's War

  • Conflict Erupts

    The conflict erupted when Parliament called by Charles I refused to grant him subsides to suppress a rebellion in Scotland.
  • Virginia Law

    This was a Virginia law that was passed which made the African women "tithable," meaning they can be paid for.
  • Parliament Won from the Conflict

  • Charles I was executed

  • England became a republic and protectorate nation.

    They became a republic and protectorate nation under the direction of Oliver Cromwell.
  • Period: to

    Esopus Wars

  • Virginia Law

    This law stated that an enslaved women's children inherited the "condition" of their mother, or that they were going to be just like them.
  • New Amsterdam

    English took New Amsterdam from Dutch and renamed it New York.
  • Charleston was founded.

  • Period: to

    Kings Philip's War

  • Decree of Sanctuary

    The Spanish king issued the Decree of Sanctuary.