American History 1600-1700

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  • American History 1600-1700

    American History 1600-1700
    Settlers from overseas began colonizing in Jamestown, Virginia.
  • Tobacco was planted.

    Tobacco was the first crop that was planted by John Rolfe. It became the biggest export to european countries.
  • The first slaves were brought to America.

    A Dutch trading vessel carrying 20 African men arrived in Jamestown, Virginia. The slave trade increased as the years progressed.
  • Mayflower.

    Puritans were dissatisfied with religion in England, and they decided to leave and come to America on the Mayflower, which arrived in Plymouth Massachusetts.
  • Charles I was executed

    Due to political issues in England, Charles I was executed. This resulted in American colonies being forced to define their position regarding British affairs. Some colonies hoped to remain neutral in the political conflict, but other colonies pledged allegiance to the monarch's son. A conflict arose between Parliament and the monarch-supporting colonies, resulting in the first discussion of English authority in America.
  • Virginia Law

    The first law was passed in Virginia to define the nature of slavery. The law stated that children born of slaves, were also slaves.
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    Settlers started to colonized North America

    Settlers started to colonize New Amsterdam in 1624. Europeans tried to claim and settle land in North America.
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    The second British colony was founded in America

    Maryland was allocated for the queen of Great Britain. It was founded by King Charles. This land was originally intended for Catholics. This colony paved the way for other colonies to be formed in America