American History 1600-1699

  • Jamestown (Virginia)

    Foundation of Jamestown
  • New Mexico Founded

    Founded by the Spanish (Santa Fe)
  • New Netherlands Founded

  • First Slaves come to Virginia

  • Jamestown Massacre

    Indian War against settelers
  • Boston, Massachusetts

  • Slavery comes to Maryland

  • Maryland Toleration Act

    Religious toleration
  • Beginning of Anglo-Dutch War

  • Foundation of the Province of New York

  • Charles Town Founded

  • End of Anglo-Dutch War

  • King Philip's War

    Famous War between the settlers and the conquerors.War with most Native to American ratio of casualties
  • Bacon's Rebellion

  • Pennsylvania Founded

  • Beginning of French-Indian War

    A War that lasted almost 80yrs
  • King William's War

  • Treaty of Ryswick

    Treaty that resolved King William's war