American History 1600-1700

  • Founding of Jamestown

    James town was the first permanent English settlement in the soon to be colonies. It was founded by the Virginia Company of England and led by John Smith.
  • Founding of Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Santa Fe was founded by Mexico and would eventually become a major U.S. city once the United States win in the Mexican-American wars.
  • Tobacco first grown in Jamestown

    John Rolfe decided to start growing tobacco in the colonies. It quickly became a cash crop and helped to boost the colonies economy. However, tobacco greatly depleted the nutrients from the soil it was grown in.
  • First Slaves Brought in from Africa

    The first African slaves were brought in to Jamestown to help with farming.
  • The Virginia House of Burgesses

    The Virginia House of Burgesses was the first English government in the colonies. It was an assembly with the goal of providing laws and maintaining order in Jamestown.
  • Writing of the Mayflower compact

    The Mayflower compact was written by the settlers at Plymouth and was the first self-made laws by English settlers.
  • Jamestown Massacre

    Due to poor soil, Settlers used native land for farming and the natives attacked them. This resulted in over 300 deaths.
  • Founding of the Province of Maryland

    The Province of Maryland was founded by the English and was named after Henrietta Maria, the wife of King Charles I.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Bacons rebellion was led by Nathaniel Bacon agains Governor William Berkeley. It united slaves and indentured servants of all race to untie against their owners and they together fought neighboring Indian tribes.
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Colonists became very concerned with the threat of witchcraft in the colonies and began punishing people who were accused of the practice. By the end of the Salem Witch Trials, 19 people had died by either hanging, drowning, or dying in custody.