American History 1492-1720

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Chistopher Columbus Lands

    Chistopher Columbus Lands
    Christopher Columbus lands in the present-day Bahamas-ish, mistakenly thinking that he has found India. Fortunately for us, this discovery allows for furthur colonization of The New World, ultimately creating the present-day United States.
  • Jamestown Colony

    Jamestown Colony
    Jamestown was the first permanant English settlement in the Americas. It followed failures such as Roanoke, and was the capital of the Virgina Colony from 1616-99.
  • Dutch Deliver First Slaves to Virginia

    Dutch Deliver First Slaves to Virginia
    While not officially legal until 1654, the first slaves are brought to North American and sold in the Virginia Colony.
  • City Upon a Hill

    City Upon a Hill
    John Winthrop delievers his "City Upon a Hill" sermon and Boston is founded as "model of Christian Charity."
  • Massachusetts Smallpox Epidemic

    Massachusetts Smallpox Epidemic
    In 1633, a smallpox epidemic devastates the Massachusetts Colony, killing both Native Americans and Europeans, including twenty Mayflower settlers and their only physician. This destroys friendly realtions with the natives, as well as the knowledge and wisdom lost with the extra-susceptible elders.
  • Roger Williams Banished

    Roger Williams Banished
    Roger Williams is banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for spreading non-Puritan beliefs, such as the separation of church and state. He founded Providence in present-day Rhode Island for those seeking asylum from Puritan persecution.
  • King Phillip's War Begins

    King Phillip's War Begins
    This was the first major conflict between English colonists and Native Americans. It was named after Metacomet, the main leader of the Native side, who was known to the English as King Phillip. It destroyed towns and the economy, as well as roughly one-tenth of all men eligible for military service.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Bacon's Rebellion
    An organized resistance to colonial government, small bands of colonists attacked the rule of Govoner William Berkeley for failing to provide for their safey, especially against Native American attacks.
  • Salem Witch Trials Begin

    Salem Witch Trials Begin
    The puritan hysteria begins, enfocing the idea of religious fervor in colonies. Roughly twenty-eight men and women were hanged, crushed, or otherwise put to death after being accused of witchcraft.
  • Navigation Act of 1696

    Navigation Act of 1696
    England enacted the Navigation Acts to acquire a monopoly and prevent the colonies from becoming independent. This was the final of several acts that allowed only British ships to trade with the colonies, import and export goods, as well as prevented commodities such as suger, cotton wool and tobacco from being exported to anywhere but England.
  • Tea Time

    Tea Time
    Tea is introdced to the colonies for the first time. As we all know, this spells disaster for England, as tea taxes will ultimately be the downfall of the English-American empire.
  • Population Growth

    Population Growth
    The population of the colonies is roughly 475000. As the colonies expand, it becomes more difficult for England to effectively govern them from afar. This will ultimately spark the American Revolution.