American History

  • 1st Africans brought over

  • MA Bay Colony Seal

    shows Indian saying "Come Over and Help Us"
  • Prayingtowns started

    by John Elliot; made Indians convert
  • King Philips War

    Metacom; started because 2 Wampanoags were accused of killing a Praying Indian and were hung
  • AME Church

    African Methodist Episcopal church founded by Richard Allen
  • Intercourse Act

    regulates trade and itneractions with Natives
  • Naturalization Law

    only whites can be naturalized as a citizen (were Irish white?)
  • First Seminole War

  • Indian Removal Act

  • Cherokee Nation vs Georgia

    ruled that Georgia cannot take their land, but Jackson defied rulings
  • "The Liberator" - William Lloyd Garrison

  • Worcester vs Georgia

  • Turner Rebellion

    Nat Turner and followers killed 60 white people
  • Second Seminole War

    very bloody; chief is Osceola; he was captured under a flag of truce and left to die; his wife was captured and returned to being a slave; alliance between blacks and natives; ended in 1842
  • Gag Rule

    took away free speech!
  • Trail of Tears

  • Frederick Douglass' Narrative

  • Fugitive Slave Act

    if slave ran away, the South had the right to retrieve them from the North
  • Lincoln elected

  • Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

    made the war about slavery but was narrow about who was freed
  • Fort Pillow Massacre

    1000s of blacks killed under a flag of truce
  • Slavery Abolished

  • "American Progress" - John Gast

    shows whiteward expansion into west darkness