American History

  • Taft becomes President

    Taft becomes president.
  • Wilson becomes President

    Wilson defeated taft and becomes the new president.
  • Beggining of WWII

  • WWI Ends

    WWI ends with Germany's Defeat! :) After the treaty of Varsiles Germany was to blame for the war and had quite the bill after words.
  • League of Nations founded

    This was a quote from of of President WIlson's 14 points;
    "A general association of nations should be formed on the basis of covenants designed to create mutual guarantees of the political independence and territorial integrity of States, large and small equally."
  • Adolf Hitler becomes leader of Nazi Party

  • Germany admitted to league of nations

  • Nazi party elected- now 2nd largest political party in Germany

  • Roosevelt elected President

    This was one of the best Presidents to date.
  • France Declares war on Germany

    France declares war on Germany, the 2nd world war has begun.
  • WWII Begins

    World War II is believed to have started when Germany invaded Poland, and broke its truce with Stalin
  • United States gets involved in WWII

    After the invasion of Poland, the United States feared that the remaining areas would fall to communism, as the domino theory suggests.
  • Pearl Harbor was bommed

    2 days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor the United States declared war on Japan.
  • Allies divide up Germany, Berlin than takes over Government

  • First atomic bomb dropped on Japan

    This was the very first time ever that the Atomic Bomb was used, and it had been untested untill this event.
  • Second atomic bomb dropped on Japan

    This was the 2nd time in the history of the world that the Atomic Bomb was dropped.
  • Japan agrees to unconditional surrender

    This was the ending point of this war. After the two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, they surrenderd.
  • United Nations is born

  • JFK elected President

  • Agent Orange Warfare

    This was a herbicide that was introduced into the Vietnam war, the United States would fly over an area and release this poisonous gas.
  • JFK Assassination

    This was a sad, but very important day in American history. This is one of the very last times a president would be so vunerable.
  • Agent Orange Warfare Ends

    Along with Agent Blue, 42% of these chemicals targeted food crops, to destroy the Gurrilas ability to support itself during the Vietnam war.
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