American Colony

  • Massachusetts colony

    Roanoke the lost colaony was there
  • Virginia

    Virginia is a southrn colony
  • Connecticut

    Puitans formed a colony in Connedticut
  • Delaware

    William Penn meet with Delaware Indeans to make a treaty
  • Rhode Island

    Rhode Island was a New England colony.
  • North Carolina

    North Carolina was a southen colony.
  • New York

    New York befor being called new york was called New Netherland.
  • New Jersey

    Qakers settled here because they thout it was a safe place to live and start a coloney.
  • New Hampshire

    New Hampshire was a New England colony.
  • Pennsylvania

    German imagrents started colony
  • Maryland

    Doring the time of this colony's development slavory became legal
  • South Carolina

    South Carolina was a Southern Coloney.
  • Georgia

    Georgia was named after king Georg the second.