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American Civil War

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    Civil War Dates

    There was one last battle weeks after the surrender of Lee. The Battle of Palmito Ranch. They had no idea that the war was resolved.
  • The Battle of Galveston

    The Battle of Galveston
    A Union warship appeared of the coast. The North had begun a blockade to stop trade with the South's money maker, cotton.
    Texas decided to attack, so they turned steamboats into warships. Though they fired, they still were hidden because of the cotton barrles on deck.
    One of Texas' bpats sank and the other one captured one union ship. The other unionist were forced to retreat.
  • The Battle of Sabine Pass

    The Battle of Sabine Pass
    The Unions wanted to invade Texas and the route to attack was the Sabine pass.
    The union gunboats shelled the forts for an hour.
    As the Unionists came closer, the Confederates attacked back. They disabled two union ships and forced the others to retreat. Texas captured 300 Unionists.
  • The Battle for the Texas Coast

    The Battle for the Texas Coast
    Since the Confederates were still able to trade secertly, the unions captured Borwnsville which stopped the ability to trade with Mexico.
    The cotton route switched Laredo.
    The Unions advanced along the Rio Grande and moved up the Barrier islands. This forced the confederates to retreat to Matagord Bay.
  • The Battle of Laredo

    The Battle of Laredo
    The Union troops tried to Storm Laredo. They wanted to burn it's store of cotton down.
    At the Battle, Colonel Santos Benavides and his tejano troops fought them off.
    Benavides wrote that "the vigorous fire of my gallent men" drove off the Union Troops.
  • Red RIver Campaign

    Red RIver Campaign
    The union troops tried to invade Texas again. They planned to move up the red river in louisiana.
    They hoped to destroy the confederate factories at Henderson, Marshall, and Tyler.
    The uniontrrops under General Nathaniel P. Banks fought against the confederates whom were under Richard Taylor.
    It was another victory for the Confederates. Banks retreated and fought Taylor at Pleasant Hill. Although the battle ended in a draw, Banks continued his retreat down the Red River.
  • Battle of Palmito Ranch

    Battle of Palmito Ranch
    On May 12, Barrett led a mixed force of 800 black and white Union infantry and cavalry in attacking a Confederate outpost on the banks of the Rio Grande at Palmito Ranch, 12 miles from Brownsville, and captured the place.
    The next morning Barrett returned and again attacked and took the camp at Palmito Ranch. In midafternoon, Ford and his determined troopers counterattacked Barrett's soldiers again, and again forced them to with draw.
    It was another confederate victory with only five wounded.