Amelia Earhat

  • amelia is born

    july 24, 1897 Amelia earhat was is born in kansas.
  • Amelie becomes a nurse

    fedruary 1918 Amelia becomes a nurse
  • flight lesson

    Amelia gets her first flight lessen
  • altitude record

    october 192 Amelia sets an altitude record for women at 14,000 feet
  • pilots license

    Amelia receives her pilots license
  • cross-country air race

    Amelia races in the first womens cross- county air race
  • Amelia gets married

    Amelia marries g.p putnam
  • solo flight

    Amekia becimes the first woman to make a solo transatiantly flight
  • the fun of it

    Amelia publishes her book the fun of it.
  • trip to Mexico

    Amelia sets off on her flight to Mexico.
  • Amelia trip arownd the world.

    Amelia makes her frist attempt at her round the world trip.
  • Amelia goes missing

    Amelia disappearad