Amelia Earhart

By ims378
  • Amelia was Born

    Amelia was Born
    Amelia was born at her Grandparents house in Atchison, Kansas.
  • Amelia Sees her First Plane

    amelia goes to the Iowa State Fair and Falls in Love with Planes.
  • Amelia Helps the Troups

    Amelia Helps the Troups
    Amelia Returns to Ogontz and helps raise money for the troops in WW1.
  • Amelia Flies

    Amelia Earhart gets her first flight lesson from Neta Snook.
  • The Plane

    The Plane
    Amelia gets her first plane and names ti the Yellow Canary.
  • Popularity

    Amelia flys in air shows and gets the attention put on her as she is one of the few female aviators.
  • Road Trip

    Road Trip
    Amelia takes her mother Amy across the country in her car the Yellow Peril.
  • The Transatlantic flight

    The Transatlantic flight
    Amelia Earhart and the rest of the team take off in the goal of being the second to make a transatlantic flight and be the first woman to do so.
  • 20 hrs., 40 mins., our Flight Over in the Friendship

    Amlia publishes a book about their flight over the Atlantic
  • The Nintey-Nines

    Amelia puts together a group of female aviators
  • Marriage

    Amelia marries G.P. Putnam
  • Amelia Flies Around the World

    Amelia Flies Around the World
    Amelia takes off to make a flight around the world and set a record
  • Amelia Dissapears

    Amelia crashes and the search begins
  • Its Official

    Amelia Earhart was officially Pronounced dead