Amelia Earhart

By imms573
  • Amelia Is Born

    Amelia was born at her grandmothers house, were she spent most of her childhood.
  • First plane sighting

    *This exact date is unknowm*Amelia saw her first plane at the Iowa state fair ,but the plane did not impress her. In fact she said it was just "something of wire and wood."
  • Amelia's grandmother dies

    *this exact date is unknown* When Amelia's grand mother died her family was ready to inherit a lot of money. Unfortanently, because Amielia's Grandmother dod not trust Amellia's father, Edwin with the money. Amelia's grandmother wrote in her willl that the money could not be touched within 20 years unless Edwin dies befor the time is up.
  • Moving to springfeild

  • Amy leaves

  • onto Chicago

    *this exact date is unknown* After the three girls left springfield the went to stay with some of Amy's friends in chicago. And at her new school, Amelia became a loner unlike at other schools were she made many friends.
  • Reunion

    *this exact date is unknown* After Amelia finished high school Amy decieded to reunite with her husband. After Amy's brother, Mark diead the couple decided to changed he mother's will once more. Unfortanently Mark ghad lost almost all of the inheritence money he had. What was left of Marks fourtune was just enough to send both their daghters to a school of there choice.
  • Ogontz

    Amelia's school of choice was organats in Philidelphia, Pennislyvania and her new school year was nothing like her last year.
  • Home Sweet Home

    After Amelia's term at Ogontz was done she went back to Kanses city to vist her family then left to Camp Gray on Lake Michigen.
  • Back at Ogontz

    When Amelia went back to Ogontz for another term many things went her way.
  • Earhart Family Christmas

    At Chistmas time Amelia went to vist her sister in Toronto and later their mother joined them. The recent conflict between Canada and Europe had left the effects of war everywere. So Amelia decided to atsy and help.
  • on to be a doctor

    *this exact date is unknown* After Amwlia met a woman named Margaraet Balis,a woman who wanted to be a doctor Amelia realized she wanted to become one too so she went to New York city to study medicine at clombia uneversity.
  • Learning to fly

    Amelia and a piolet named Neta Snook and this was Amelia's first flight lesson.
  • The Airstar is hers.

    After Many laboring hours of work the airstar was finally Amelia's.
  • Amelia Recives Her Piolet Licensss.

    Amelia recived her piolet licenss which allowed her to break offical records and to carry passengers.
  • They were off

    Ther frendship,the plane Amelia was riding in on her first transatlantic flight, was off.
  • Another long flight

    Amelia decided to take a long awatrd flight, a crosscountry flight and with a passenger that passenger was Sam Putnsm
  • A new plane

    Amelia decided she wanted to test fly the autgiro,but she did not like it very much.
  • back across the atlantic

    Amelia decided to make another transatlantic flight, but this time solo.
  • back to california

    Amelia toook of from Hawaii andheaded towards californis
  • to mexico

    Ameli decided to make a trip from Burbank california to mexico city
  • ready to go around the world

    Amelia's plane was ready for this extremely long trip