Amelia Earhart

  • Birth of Amelia Earhart

    Birth of Amelia Earhart
    Amelia Earhart was born to Amy and Edwin. Her mother gave birth to her at her grandmothers in Kansas.
  • Grandmother died

    Grandmother died
    Since the Earharts were in debt and the grandparents had a lot of money when the grandmother died they got the money off of her.
  • First Airshow

    First Airshow
    Amelia went an saw her first airshow at the Iowa state fair. She did not think at that time of ever being interested in planes.
  • She started collage

    She started collage
    Amelia started collage at Ogontz .
  • Graduated Collage

    Graduated Collage
    Amelia Graduated from Ogontz collage after being there for 4 years.
  • Winter air show

    Winter air show
    Edwin took Amelia to this winter air show.
  • Got her 1st plane lesson

    Got her 1st plane lesson
    Snook gave Amelia her first flight lesson.
  • Moved to Toronto

    Moved to Toronto
    Amelia moved to Toronto becoming a student nurse at Spandina Military Hospitle.
  • Got her own plane

    Got her own plane
    Amelia got her own planer for her 24th birthday and called it The Canary.
  • Amelias parents slit

    Amelias parents slit
    This was an unusual thing at the time but Amy and Edwin could not make there relationship work anymore. It was time for them to get divorced.
  • Fly the Atlantic

    Fly the Atlantic
    Amelia flew the Atlantic.
  • Prepared her plane

    Prepared her plane
    Amelia prepared her plane when she was acceted her oppurtunity to fly the globe
  • Got a new plane

    Got a new plane
    In August of 1928 Amelia got her second plane, The Lockheed Vegas.
  • Returned home

    Returned home
    Amelia returned home from her flight on the Atlantic. She got a very warm and wild welcome from all of her fans.
  • Wrote a book

    Wrote a book
    Amelia wrote a book called 20hrs. 40 mintues and got it published
  • The Proposal

    The Proposal
    The same year Amelias father died she was proposed to.Putnam proposed to Amelia and she agreed.
  • Fathers death

    Fathers death
    On September 23, in 1930 Amelias father Edwin Earhart died. He had stomach cancer that killed him.
  • Amelia had to say goodbye

    Amelia had to say goodbye
    Amelia was leaving to fly the globe with Noonan.
  • Amelia and Noonan Disaperred

    Amelia and Noonan Disaperred
    The radio satalitte went and Amelia and Noonan were gone. They both diasperred. This was a heart breaking moument for millions of people.