Amarican Revolution and major battels

By n.james
  • French and indian war

    French and indian war
    The war started in july 3 1754 and ended in january 7th 1763 was where the war ended and they sighned the treaty of paris. the people involved were British and french and the Native Amarican's.
  • treaty of paris

    treaty of paris
    The treaty of Paris was the treaty the french and british signed to end the war. the people involved were British and French. it gave England more land.
  • proclamation of 1763

    proclamation of 1763
    British did not allow colonists to setttling west of the appalachian mountains. They sent troops to prevent colonists from crossing the line. The colonies were angry about being restricted. This was the first time colonists had hostility against mother England. the people involved were colonists and British goverment.
  • Writs of assistance

    the writs of assisances was where the English goverment got to go into people's ships with out a warrant by the goverment. colonies and British goverment. It was repealed.
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    The sugar act was where the King of England was taxing on natural goods for the colonits to pay. The people involved are the King and the colonists. it was later repealed.
  • Stamp act

    Stamp act
    The Stamp act was were the colonies had to pay for every peice of paper they bought. the people involved were the king and the made the colonies angry more.
  • Townshend act

    they put tax on houshold items such as the colonists put a boycott on the act. The people involved is the colonies and the British goverment. it was repealed.
  • Boston Massacure

    Boston Massacure
    It was were a mob was in front of the boston customs house tensions rose and the British shot at the mob and 5 of them were killed. Then Sam Adams said it was a massacure. the people involved are British military and the colonists and Sam Adam's.
  • quartering act

    The colonists had to provide food housing for the British soldiers.the people involvrd were colonists and the British goverment. The people could do very little to stop it.
  • Tea act

    The tea act was were the British goverment lowered the prices of tea and cut thetea merchants out of the tea trade. It caused the boston tea party. the people involved are the tea merchants and the British east india company.
  • Boston tea party

    The Boston tea party was where the colonists dressed up as indians and got on a British ship and dumped 90,000 pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor. the people involved is The colonists and British ship. Ia caused the Intlerable acts.
  • Intolerable acts

    the colonists could not hold town meetings.The port of Boston was closed. It resulted in the first continental congress and colonise began to unify. the people involved is the British goverment and colonies.
  • 1st continental congress in september 5 and october 26 1774

    they met to talk about banning all trade from England until they repealed all acts. the people involved were George Washinton, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams and, Samuel Adams. It made the British really mad at the coloists.
  • Lexington

    This battel was the first battel of the Revolutionary war. It was also the first shot heard around the world. It led to the concord battel right after it. The people involved was the militia and the British army.
  • Concord

    Concord was the battel that happened right after the battel of lexington. They had 4,000 soldiers against 700 British soldiers. It was the feirst battel of the revolutionary war. It led to the biggining of the war.The people involved is The minutmen and the British army.
  • 2nd Continental Congress1775

    The 2nd continental congress met in Philidelphia. They produced the Declaration of Independence witch the king didnt agree with. So it made the colonists mad. The people involved are Ben Franklin, George Washington, Sam Adams, John Adams.
  • Bunker hill

    It was were the British troops got tired at the Americans for shooting at them when they passed by. So the British troops attacked the bunker. The Americans didnt have that much ammo so sombody said "Dont shoot till you see the whights of their eyes." It resulted in the Americans losing the battel and the British soldiers capturing it. The people involved are the Americans and the British army.
  • Ft. Ticonderoga

    It was captured without a singal fire. They captured 78 heavy artillary including 59 cannons witch played a major part in driving the British out of Boston. It involved the green mountain boys and the British soldiers.
  • Common sense

    Commen sense was written by Thomas Pain and it was written to challeng the athority of the British goverment and to tell the colonists to stop doing what the British goverment told them. The people involved was Thomas Pain. it revolved in the turning of the colonists mind.
  • Declaration of Independence

    The Declaration of Indepemdence was were Thomas Jefferson and agreed with it. But the king didnt agree with it so he didnt give them their independence. It made the colonies more mad at England. The people involved is Thomas Jefferson and the England.
  • Battel of new york

    The battel of New York was were the British troops came to new york and George Washington was waiting but they lost. The people involved is George Washington and the British army.
  • • Battle of Trenton 1776

    this battel took place in new Jersey was when George Washington crossed the Delaware river and did a surprise attack on the Hessans and the americans won.
  • battel of Princeton

    This Battel was a week after the battel of Trenton the British were had to abandan they'er positions in New Jersey. The British lost the battel. The people involved is George Washington and Lord Cornwallis.
  • • Battle of Saratoga

    The battel of Saratoga was a turning point in the war because Benjaman Franklin helped get the French then the French got the Spanish to join the war. The people involved is Ben Franklin and the Spanish and the French.
  • Winter of Valley forge

    This was right after the battels of Saratoga when George Washington and his troops were staying in valley forge and many of his men died from hunger and frostbite.
  • Battel of Yorktown

    The battel of Yorktown was the final battel of the revolutionary war were the Americans won that final battel. The people involved was George Washinton and lord Cornwallis.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    The treaty of Paris was the treaty that ended the war and gave the colonists their independence.