Amarican History MT

  • Roanoke Disappears

    The colonists of Roanoke were left there to get supplies no one returned till three years later and John White (the govener of Roanoke) came bake and only found a mark on the tree but never saw any of the colonists again.
  • Jamestown is found

    Jamestown was the first permanent settlement
  • Period: to

    "starving time" in Jamestown

    After there leader John Smith leaves the staving time happens because there was no one that took charge as well as John did
  • House of Burgesses meets for the first time

    The House of Burgesses is the first example of representative goverment
  • mayflower sets sail with the pilgrams aboard

  • colonists settle in Connecticut

  • led group from massachusetts to the north

  • slave brought to Virgina

  • New England when to war with the Wampanaog tribe

  • New Hampshire become independant ofmassachusettes

  • signed a treaty with the native amaricans

    The tribe was called the Wampanoag tribe