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  • The Molasses Act

    The Molasses Act
    The molasses act taxed the colonsists for molasses. The colonists were not eager to start paying more taxes to their govenment. The tax was six pence per gallon of molasses. This was not much in small perportions. However the colonists were not happy becouse a large amout of molasses was in need.
    Many of the colonists used the molasses to make better food, traps and such. The wording of the act was, there shall be raised, levied, collected and paid, unto and for the use of his Majesty...
  • The Molasses Act 2

    The Molasses Act 2
    The second important part was based on this. All of the rum and sprits sold into the colonies could be taxed. This upset all colonists. This was because they relied on some imports. These imports could just be taxed if the King said so.
    The controversy had made many disputes. The colonists did not want to have to pay the King so much. This is when people were starting to think of revolting. Those ideas were quickly shut down. The idea was still possible to accomplish.
  • The French and Indian War Pic.

    The French and Indian War Pic.
  • Period: to

    The French and Indian War 2

    French were going to invade.
    The British were on edge because they needed the colonies for money.The British sent troops to quell the French. The British and French fought for a very long time. The British fought and supplied the colonists with weapons for all seven years. That was until the French surrendered in 1763.
    The French were on adge because the colonists were getting closer to French colonies. The colonists were worried about the same thing. The British needed the colonies and they...
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    The French and Indian War 3

    asked the Indians. The Indians thought that the British would lose so they denied helping. The British showed that they might win so the Indians decided to help them.
    The reason this lead to the war was because the French and Indian war was expensive. The British needed to pay off the dues. They belived that since the war was to protect the colonists they should pay for most of it. This caused the the British to tax the colonists heavely. The colonists saw this as unfair.
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    The French and Indian War

    The French and Indian war was the begining of the problems between the British and the Colonists.The colonists were getting worried with how close the French were getting to there colonies. This caused some panick to take over. The colonists sent scouts to learn about the French bases near the colonies. One of the scouts was George Washington. The French told the scouts that they would let themleave if they called off there attack. The colonists were extreamly nervous when they thought the...
  • The French and Indian War Pic. 2

    The French and Indian War Pic. 2
  • The French and Indian War Pic. 3

    The French and Indian War Pic. 3
  • The Sons of Liberty Pic.

    The Sons of Liberty Pic.
  • Period: to

    The Sons of Liberty 2

    colonist to gain money. The colonist were a large part of the income for the British. Many people relied on the colonist for shiping. The British also wanted loyalty. They needed the colonists loyalty for taxes also.
    The result the sons of liberty had was large. They were the driving force. They helped get the roits moving. The sons of liberty designed the tea party. The sons of liberty practicly created the revolution.
  • Period: to

    The Sons of Liberty

    The sons of liberty formed in 1765 and disbanded at the end of the revolutionary war This was the people who supported the revolution. These people were rebelious. They didn't like the the British goverenment. They wanted to leave themselfs.
    The colonists were split in half. Half wanted to lead themself. The other half wanted to stay with the British. Many people started to join the sons of liberty as events conspired. This is why the British got upset.
    The British wanted to keep the...
  • The Stamp Act

    The Stamp Act
    The stamp act was when the British raised taxes on colonists. Things like stamps were now taxed. This was in oreder to pay the debt for the French and Indian war. The debt was around one thousand dollars. Many of the people in great Britan were upset at the colonists.
    This was because of there complaints too the small tax in their eyes. Many of the colonists thought it was the British's responsibility to pay off the dues of the war. This was because it was to protect the colonists. The...
  • The Stamp Act 2

    The Stamp Act 2
    colonists were tierd of being told what to do by the small island.
    This started petty talks of revolution. Many people got very serious very quickly. The British reign over the colonists may have been helpful. However, now many viewed it as a crutch now.The british saw all of there taxes as a nessecary step. However the colonists strongly disagreed.
    The colonists wanted more. They wanteds a voice. They had no voice in their government. This upset the colonists. They were ready to be valued more
  • The Townshend Acts 2

    The Townshend Acts 2
    very convinced on joining the sons of liberty at this point.
    This was in order to get their personal space and rights back. The British say the way the colonists saw things as unloyal. This made the British send more troops to insure loyalty to th British. This made the quartering act more useful. The colonists were extreamly angry at the British reaction.
    Another act was the sugar act. This act gave the British a tax on the sugar, like the molassis act. Many of the colonists needed the sugar...
  • The Townshend Acts 4

    The Townshend Acts 4
    this made the colonists angry because they hade nobody listening to them. This caused them to riot against the gaurds. This lead to the Boston Masacre.
  • The Townshend Acts

    The Townshend Acts
    The townshend acts were a series of acts to help the British pay off their debt quicker. One of the act's that impacted the colonists the most was the quartering act. The quartering act stated that if a soldier needed a place to stay they could walk into a house. This forced the family that lives there to pay for the food and other needs. This is without being reimbursed, this put the colonists into a very vengeful mood. Many of the colonsts were made extreamly agitated by this. People were ...
  • The Townshend Acts 3

    The Townshend Acts 3
    for food and trade with the Native Americans. Most of the colonists were geting tired of all of the taxes being imposed because of the war. The colonists started to make large meetings and protest against the government.
    The government in Great Briten heard about its tax collecters birng tied up and dragged down the street. This made the King angry. The king sent royal governers to take control the riots. The royal governers were sent with body gaurds. The royal mayor was protected. However...
  • The Boston Masscre

    The Boston Masscre
    The Boston masscre was a true tragdy. There were five people were killed. The Boston massacre was when the colonists in boston were protesting against a British soldier. After a while more soldiers arrived. At one point a soldier slipped ans fired his musket. The shot spooked the others to start to fire on the protesters who were throwing snowballs, oyster shells, and rocks. Ther were three men were killed instantly, and two were killed from wounds from the shots fired.
    The colonists saw it...
  • The Boston Masscre 3

    The Boston Masscre 3
    Party. Then the reprocusion the British would serve. This would, intern lead to the Americans revolting, This would be the American Revolution.
  • The Boston Massacre 2

    The Boston Massacre 2
    as a brutal show of voilence. The colonists hated the British for this flash of firearms. The colonists were outraged by the attackers not being pursecuted. The colonists contioued to hold riots. This led to the boston tea party.
    The British thought that this was just a mistake. THey though no punishment was necessary. Many people in Great Briten disagreed with the lack of punishment. Evetually most of the solders were prosocuted.
    The effect this had was large. This caused the Boston Tea...
  • The Boston tea Party 2

    The Boston tea Party 2
    respect. The colonists hated the British for all the taxes. Many colonist were still with Great Briten and against the sons of liberty.
    The British found it unexeptable. The hundreds of dollars of tea lost. The King was furious with this show of rebellious action. This made him want to punish the colonists. So punish he did.
    The King punished the colonists by raising the intolerable acts. Thes is also related to the war for one reason. The Kings reprocusion. The Kings reaction made the...
  • The Boston Tea Party 3

    The Boston Tea Party 3
    colonists very angry. The colonists got more rebelious and angry to the tipping point. The point of revolution.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party
    The Boston tea party was when many colonists who were fed up with the taxes imposed threw gallons of tea into the ocean. The tea thrown into the bay was worth over one thousand dollars in all. These people were fed up with the small fines that piled up into huge fines. Many people were involved in this act. There were some who wanted to stay with the Britsh.
    The colonists saw it as something that was okay. These people wanted to leave Great Briten. They either wanted to do that or get some...
  • The Intolerable Acts

    The Intolerable Acts
    The Intolerable acts were a series of orders from the King to make an example of Boston. THe British were mad because of the thousands of dollars worth of tea was thrown away. This caused the King to send his own govenment officials. THis was to isnure loyalty. Thi king also sent the Gauds to keep the government official safe. The King wanted loyalty from his subjects.
    The colonists found the Kings desicion unreasonable. The people who didn't perticapate in the tea party were also punished...
  • The Intolerable Acts 3

    The Intolerable Acts 3
    restrictions the colonists ware upset. This caused them to start to fight for there rights. The King wanted all to be loyal to him. However his restrictions had the opposite effect. The colonists tore down his statues and burned them, along with his acts and art of him.
  • The Intolerable Acts 2

    The Intolerable Acts 2
    The colonists felt oppressed. The King looked like a dictator. The colonists wanted to lead themself's. They wanted to start a revolutiion.
    The King was upset by the Boston tea party. This is why the sent in his own government official to rule Boston. The King also made more rights be taken away from the people of Boston. Many of the soldiers were given back-up to stop revolts. The King Made an example of Boston.
    This was in direct coralation to the war. This is because all of the...
  • The Sons of Liberty Pic. 2

    The Sons of Liberty Pic. 2