Alterbridge's Career

  • Creed Disband/Alterbridge Officially Form

    Creed disband and Drummer, Bassist and Lead Guitarist leave together to form a new band and ask myles kennedy, who at the time was the lead singer of 'The Mayfield Four' to join them and he did so
  • Alterbridge Announce First Album

    A month after the bisbanding of creed, Alterbridge announce the release of their first album 'One Day Remains' with the release of their first single 'Open Your Eyes', they sold 750,000 copies worldwide
  • Gold Status Achieved

    The RIAA announced that Alterbridge's debut album 'One Day Remains' has achieved gold status by selling 750,000 copies worldwide
  • Alterbridge Strike A Deal With The WWE

    WWE Superstar EDGE was away from wrestling with a neck injury and was soon to be returning to action and so EDGE adopted this song as his entrance theme as the band state it was their attempt at a moe heavier style and aggressive style of music and in turn edge's character is mean't to be an aggressive person so the two songs coinside well.
  • One Day Remains Tour Begins

  • One Day Remains Tour Finishes and are released from their Record Deal

  • AlterBridge Announce New Deal With Universal Records

  • Alterbridges Blackbird tour begins

  • Alterbridge take a break and Creed reunite

  • AB go into studio to record third album

  • Myles Kennedy goes on tour as Slash's Touring singer

  • AB III is released

  • Alterbridge tour their new album (AB III)

  • Alterbridge film 'Live at Wembley'

  • Alterbridge: Live at Wembley released

  • Alterbridge go on hiatus again, creed release new album and tour

  • Alterbridge will reconvene to release fourth studio album