All about me

  • Birth

    I was born on the first day of spring in Hamad Hospital, Doha, Qatar.
  • Period: to

    All about me

    All about me
  • First trip on airplane

    First trip on airplane
    I was on a Qatar Airways A330 to Malaysia
  • First day at pre- school

    First day at pre- school
    It was my first day at pre shcool. I was so scared I could'nt tell apart a car and a airplane
  • Baby brother born!!

    My brother was born in Doha, Qatar in Hamad hospital
  • Sat on cannon

    Sat on cannon
    On Ramadan I sat on the cannon which explodes
  • Second time in limo

    Second time in limo
    Me and my whole family went in a limo.
  • Grandfather had a heart attack

    The sadest sadest sadest time in my life. I did'nt sleep for 3 nights. Now he is fine