Alfonso, Joshua, Colin, Emanuel

Timeline created by mrsschnitzervem
  • The Monsters Due On Maple Street.

    Al, Emanuel, Colin, Josh
  • Setting

    Maple Street
  • Characters

    Steve Brand, Tommy, Don Martin, Peter Van Horn, Charlie, Les Goodman.
  • Plot Complications #1

    Some plot complications are a shadow passes over by a roar and the flash of light.
  • Plot Complication #2

    People start to discover that the power went off affecting everything such as stores, lawn mowers cars, and phones.
  • Plot Complication #3

    Tommy’s friend Steve tries to go into town.
  • Plot Complication #4

    Tommy urges him into not going because he read a story about an alien invasion causing similar controversy.
  • Plot Compliction #5

    If the power is out it means that they want to isolate the neighborhood.
  • Climax

    The climax of the story is when Pete Van Horn shot Charlie.
  • Resolution

    The resolution is when everybody is trying to find the scapegoat.