Alec Trevino

Timeline created by mrwilliams623
  • Born

    Born in memorial hermann hospital in Houston Texas.
  • Hurricane ike

    Hurricane Ike hit galveston the day I was supposed to have my birthday party
  • Moved to Roma Texas

    Moved to Roma Texas
    We moved to Roma Texas for a few days in order to evacuate.
  • Hurricane Ike aftermath

    We didn't think Hurricane ike was going to be that bad, so we left everything minus clothes and a few things.
  • Moved back

    We moved back to Pasadena Texas, We tried to go back to island but they didn't let us back in, that gave looters the perfect opportunity.
  • I start playing sports

    I started to play football in recess at oppe.
  • I started to play football pt2

    I started to play football pt2
    I started to play football for the Galveston Riptides
  • 1st Year

    I got rookie of the year and best blocker my 1st year playing.
  • I started playing football pt3

    I started to play football for the austin indians and made starting linebacker. I also got most improved.
  • My 1st year of basketball

    This was my 1st year of basketball
  • My 1st game of basketball

    I ended up scoring 14 points after my 1st game
  • I start playing a game

    I start playing a game
    I started to play a small called fortnite (Season 2)
  • Football pt 4

    I played football for my sixth year and was still starting linebacker
  • Basketball pt 2

    i played basketball for my 2nd year and we had a much better year than last year. Teams that blew us by 40 we beat them by 40.