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Alcohol and Legislation Project

  • "Small Restriction of Alcoholic Propaganda"

    "Small Restriction of Alcoholic Propaganda"
    After this deep event (for some), commercials containing alcoholic drinks with more than 13GL were prohibited. This law, minimized the sell of drinks with a high quantity of alcohol which made less citizens drunk.
  • "Larger punishments for those who drive after drinking"

    "Larger punishments for those who drive after drinking"
    Since this date, people in which drive with alcohol in their blood above the limited will have to pay a fee. We think this is a good law since, it prevents people in driving drunk. It doesnt help too much because the car accidents including drunk people decreased but only a little.
  • "Lei Anti-Alcool"

    "Lei Anti-Alcool"
    This law prohibited people to sell alcoholic drinks to teens and kids. Also prohibited citizens with less than 18 years old to buy alcoholic drinks. This event changed Brazil because less people would drink, which means, less accidents.