• First Europeans to visit

    First Europeans to visit
    Before the Europeans founded the island it was owned or occupied by Natives (Ohlone). The Natives believed it contained evil spirts. The Europeans first discovered in in 1769 and named it Isla de los Alcatraces or Island of pelicans and later was changed to Alcatraz.
  • Period: to


  • The United States and Mexico

    The United States and Mexico
    In 1848, this was the time of the American Mexican War. This is when the United States took control of the Island and the Army relized the position of the island and got some ideas.
  • Fort Alcatraz

    Fort Alcatraz
    In 1850 is when the real construction began for the rest of the island. It took several years to get this done. A lot of different things delayed the building of the small island. Workers would dig for gold and supplies were hard to come by. In 1857, two men were killed in a landslide. Fort Alcatraz was agreat defense for soldiers, in fact a civil war had broken out in 1861. The waters of 53 degrees and swift currents made it impossible to leave the island.
  • Construction started

    Construction started
    In 1853 construction began on Alcatraz. Barracks, office buildings were built. They preceived the ruggedness and terrain as a good defense. They blasted areas for construction. They were done with the lighthouse by 1854.
  • Officially Desginated as a military prison

    Officially Desginated as a military prison
    1861 is when the island was officially deemed a military prison. The conditions of the prison were awful. Men slept on floors. Not only was it a place for military priosoners but for military cannons. Some of the buildings were made cannon proof. By the end of the 1800's some of the most nortorious killers and rapist resided at Alcatraz.
  • American Indians

    American Indians
    Not only were prisoners sent to Alcatraz, so were American Indians. They would be sent there because they would not comply with the government standards. The name of the Indian groups are "Hopi"
  • "Pacific Branch, U.S. Disciplinary Barracks"

    "Pacific Branch, U.S. Disciplinary Barracks"
    In 1907 Alcatraz became re-designated as "Pacific Branch, U.S. Disciplinary Barracks". This happened around the time of World War One. Not only were military prisoners taken there but so were German prisoners.
  • Maximum Security Prison

    Maximum Security Prison
    In 1934, the Buerue of Prisons upgraded Alcatraz to a Maximum Security Prison. At this time people such as Al Capone were prisoned there. There was more of a organized structure to the prison system at this time.
  • No One Could Escape, or so we thought

    No One Could Escape, or so we thought
    On December 16, 1937. Theodore Roe and Ralph Cole managed to escape. They were reported to have drowned but then reports later from San Fransico Chronicle reported them well and alive in Africa. Another great escape came in December of 1962, John Paul Scott and he was successful.
  • Golden Gate Recreation Area

    Golden Gate Recreation Area
    In 1972 Congress made Alcatraz a park naming it Golden Gate Recreation Area. Many people go to see it and bring back the thrill of stories told about Alcatraz. It is one of the largest urban parks in the world. But only part of Alcatraz is a park, some of the island is not repairable.