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Alatna Braves History

By 1228694
  • Boston Braves

    Boston Braves
    After six league titles in the 1870s and 3 additional ones in the 1890s, they had two pennants 1914 and 1948 and one World Series Title in 1914. By 1952 they had lost much of their fans the Boston Red Sox.
  • Milwaukee Braves

    Milwaukee Braves
    After 82 years in Boston nobody expected the Boston braves to move to Milwaukee. At a parade 60,000 people cheered on the new team.
  • Braves moving to Atlanta

    Braves moving to Atlanta
    The lessening of fan support that caused the Braves to move from Boston to Milwaukee also caused them to move to Atlanta. Through court the Braves finally moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta. They were greeted into Atlanta with a parade felt comfortable with the new home, Atlanta Stadium.
  • Team of the 90's

    Team of the 90's
    In between the sstruggles of the mid to late 80's the fans of the Atlanta Braves wanted a win. In 1991 through pennant races the Braves moved from worst to first. With the World Championship of 1995 and the great performances of the team in 1996 to 1999 the Braves best team of the decade.