Al growing up

By 9225825
  • Period: to

    Beggining and ending of the zygote

  • Period: to

    The begging of the embryo

  • Heart beats regulary. Eyes and ears begin to form.

    4 week embryo
  • Heart develops right and left chambers.

    8 week old embryo
  • Period: to

    The begging of the fetus

  • Bones are visible. Heart beat can be heard with a stethoscope.

    4 to 6 months old fetus
  • Fingerprints form.

    6 month old fetus
  • Eyelids can open and weight can be up to 6.6 pounds.

    6 to 9 month old fetus
  • Period: to

    The begining of the Infacy

  • A baby can hold its head up in reach for objects.

    3 months old
  • Infant begins to crawl.

    7 months old
  • Period: to

    The beginng of the childhood

  • I went to Kings Dominon for the first time

  • I went to Philedephia for the first time.

  • My aunt got married

  • Ovulation in females, and sperm production in males begin.

    Age 9 to 15
  • Period: to

    The begiing of Puberty

  • Period: to

    The begging of Puberty

  • I won my basketball championship game

  • My cousin Faith was born

  • Period: to

    The beginning of the Adolense

  • The begginng of the Adulthood

  • Aging begins

    Age 30
  • Skin starts to become wrinkled.

    Age 30
  • Aging becomes more noticeable and progresses rapidly.

    Age 45 to 60