A.J. Pierzynski

  • Born

    Born in Bridgehampton, New York. He was one brother. He has no sisters.
  • First Day of School.

    On Aug !9,1983 A.J started school. He started school and he love the fist day of school.
  • Highschool

    He went to highschool from 1991 t0 1994. When 1994 came he was out of school. A.J passed with A's and B's. He went to school at Dr Phillies High School.
  • Debut

    A.J. became debut on Sep 9, 1998. He became debut when he was 22 years old. He spent the next five years playing baseball.
  • Started playing baseball

    He started play baseball in 1998 for the Minnesota Twins.
  • Secound baseball team San Francisco Giants

    he also played for a secound baseball team for the San froncisco Gaints
  • Thrid Baseball Team

    He now plays with the Chicago White Sox team.
  • Punch A.J.

    Bewteen A.J and the cubs aftr a fly out ball A.J tagged 3rd tried to score.
  • Perfect Game

    On May 21, 2012 A.J caught Phillip Humber ball. He hit the ball in the right center field and A.J caught the ball.