agscience timeline

  • cotton gin

    Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin.
  • Period: to

    agricultural inventions

  • Iron plow

    Thomas Jefferson invents the iron plow.
  • grain reaper

    Cyrus McCormick invents the grain reaper to save labor in cutting wheat, oats, and similar crops.
  • seed and cotton planter

    Henery Blair.
  • steel moldboard plow

    John Deere improved the iron plow by inventing the steel moldboard plow.
  • corn picker

    Edmund Quincy.
  • barbed wire

    Joseph Glidden dramatically changed raising livestock, barbed wire tatoos came much later.
  • milking machine

    Anna Bladwin changed the dairy industry by inventing a machine to replace hand milking.
  • perishable food preservation

    Thomas Elkins designed a device thst helped with the task of preserving perishable foods by way of refridgeration.
  • soil improvement and crop rotation.

    George Washington Carver developed crop rotation and the use of legumes to improve soil fertitlity in the U.S. south.
  • tractor

    Ben Holt invented the tractor to replace the mule as a sorce of power.
  • gene gun

    John Stanford developed a device for injecting cells with genetic information
  • GPS

    tractor based GPS systems together with sophisicated GIS uses a wide variety of techniques to gather data such a soil condition, humidity, temperature, and other variables, which the system then uses to control such things as intensity of planting, application of fertelizer and pesticides, watering scheduals, ect.
  • robotic milking machine

    first used in Onterio, Canada, many benefits one of which is reduction of labor. initial cost is primary disadvntage, especially to small producers.