AGQTP Timeline

  • Period: to

    AGQTP - Angels Challenges: An alternative to traditional homework

  • Angels Challenges to printers and introduced to staff

  • Challenges folders sent home with children.

  • Information re challenges published in newsletter

  • Staff meeting discussing roll out of challenges

  • Parent Information Night at PnF re challenges

  • AGQTP - Building An Inquiry Project day

  • Challenges Wiki launched

  • Parent Information Night & Challenges Gallery

    This night followed on from the first night where parents made suggestions and we followed up eg: ideas for challenges, setting up a wiki for infomation sharing etc. We also had a gallery set up with completed challenges.
  • AGQTP action plan due

  • Encouragement certificates go home

  • Survey Monkey

  • Committee meeting

  • Interview: staff, students and parents

  • Survey Monkey

  • Present at AGQTP

  • Committee meeting for revision of challenges

  • Present Angels Challenges awards