African Arts Timeline

  • 1200

    Great Mosque of Djenne

    Located on the Bani River. Made of adobe-style bricks. The tallest point of the structure is 52 feet tall.
  • Power Figure

    Made by the congo people. Is a figure for medical blessings. In the spirit world, the gods will bless the figure.
  • Ikenga

    The Ikenga is a shrine figure. Created by the Igbo people. Finished between 18-1900.
  • Byeri

    This figure is a reliquary figure. Made in Cameroon. This figure is alleged to protect the bones of the ancestors of where the figure is from.
  • Veranda Post

    Currently kept at the Met museum. Started in the year 1910 but finished in the year 1914. Commissioned for Yoruba palace.