African American History

  • Period: to

    Slave Trade

    About 9.5 million slaves were taken from Africa and transfered to North America.
  • Bacon's Rebelion

    A rebellion that was orchestrated and led by Nathaniel Bacon
  • Stono Rebellion

    The largest Slave Uprising in the British mainland colonies before the American Revolution.
  • Period: to

    7 Year War

    War against the British and French.
  • The Proclamation Line

    When the Brithish said that nobody can settle in America past the Appalatian Mountains
  • Period: to

    Meermin Slave Munity

    Massavana led a slave revolt on the slave ship named The Meermin.
  • Creation of the Decloration of Independence

    When the congress adopted the document.
  • Washinton forbids the use of slaves for war

    Washington forbade the use of slaves for fighting in the war.
  • Battle of Monmouth

    When the black regimens of the Brithish and Rebels fought.
  • England Abolished Slave Trade

    England Abolished Slave Trade
  • Lincoln Inaugural adress

    Lincoln delivered his Inaugural address and proclaimed that it was his duty to maintain the union.
  • Helping Confederacy

    Slaves that helped the confederacy was freed.