Afghanistan-The Kite Runner Timeline

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In History
  • Soviet Premier Helps Afghanistan

    "Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev agrees to help Afghanistan, and the two countries become close allies."(A Historical Timeline of Afghanistan)
  • Women allowed to attend universities and enter workforce

    "As part of Daoud’s reforms, women are allowed to attend university and enter the workforce."(A Historical Timeline of Afghanistan)
  • Hassan sacrifices for Amir

    "...Did you steal that money?" "Yes." This was Hassan's final sacrifice for me. If he'd said no, Baba would have believed him because we all knew Hassan never lied." "He knew, and yet he was rescuing me once again, maybe for the last time."(Hosseini 105)
  • Hassan Stands up to Assef

    Hassan Stands up to Assef
    When Assef threatens to hurt Amir Hassan reacts by threating Aseff with his slingshot.
  • Hassan And Ali leave

    After Amir frames Hassan for stealing Amir's watch Ali decides for him and Hassan to leave the house, "We are leaving, Agha Sahib", "What?" "We can't live here anymore, "Life here is impossible for us now, Agha sahib. We're leaving".(Hosseini 107). This quote shows how what Amir did to Hassan is effecting everyone and causing them grief especially his father.
  • Communism/Islam

    "Khan is killed in a communist coup. Nur Mohammad Taraki, one of the founding members of the Afghan Communist Party, takes control of the country as president, and Babrak Karmal is named deputy prime minister. Afghan nationalism, and socioeconomic justice. Taraki signs a friendship treaty with the Soviet Union. But a rivalry between Taraki and Hafizullah Amin, another influential communist leader, leads to fighting between the two sides."(A Historical Timeline of Afghanistan)
  • Amir and Baba leave for America

    Amir and Baba leave for America
    "...Baba and me, sitting with our suitcases between our legs, cramped with these strangers, since we left Kabul just after two in the morning."(Hosseini 110). After the Russians invaded Kabul and other cities in Afghanistan refugees fled those cities to go elsewhere such as Pakistan, and from Pakistan to America or elsewhere. Amir and his father are one of those refugees escaping from Kabul.
  • Afghans fleeing the country

    Afghans fleeing the country
    "Some 2.8 million Afghans have fled from the war to Pakistan, and another 1.5 million have fled to Iran. Afghan guerrillas gain control of rural areas, and Soviet troops hold urban areas."(A Historical Timeline of Afghanistan).
  • Amir meets Soraya at the flea market

    "My daughter Soraya."Wasn't there a story about the Thaeri's daughter?" I said to Baba trying to sound casual. "Why do you ask?" I shrugged and fought back a smile." Really is that all?".(Hosseini 141). When Amir meets Soraya for the first time it really is "love at first sight" as they say.
  • Baba Gets Sick At The Flea Market

    "One cool Sunday Baba was selling a lampshade to a Filipino man while I rummaged in the VW for a blanket to cover his legs with."Hey, man, this guy needs help!" I turned and found Baba on the ground. His arms and legs were jerking."Komak!" "Somebody help call 911!" "As you can see, the cancer's metastasized, "He'll have to take medication."(Hosseini 158 159) In this quote, Baba's desition to not partake in chemotherapy is showing.
  • Amir Gets Engaged to Soroya

    "I wonder if you'll do something for me. If you're not too exhausted." "I want you to go Khastegari. I want you to ask General Taheri for his daughter's hand." The phone rang just before noon. It was Baba. "Well?" "The general accepted."(Hosseini 161 and 163) This quote shows how happy Amir is when he heard the news.
  • Amir and Soraya get married

    Amir and Soraya get married
    "The mullah questioned the witnesses and read from the Koran. We said our oaths. Signed the certificates. I remember sitting on the sofa, Soraya's hand in mine, as we did Ayena Masshaf. I whispered to her for the first time that I loved her." (Hosseini 170, 171)
  • Baba Dies

    "I'll come back with your morphine and a glass of water, Kaka Jan" Not tonight, There is no pain tonight.""okay, she said. She pulled up his blanket. We closed the door. Baba never woke up."(Hosseini 173). This quote shows how even though Baba died at least he went in peace.
  • Afghanistan fights back against the Soviets

    Afghanistan fights back against the Soviets
    "Osama bin Laden and 15 other Islamists form the group al-Qaida, or “the base”, to continue their jihad, or holy war, against the Soviets and other who they say oppose their goal of a pure nation governed by Islam."(A Historical Timeline of Afghanistan)
  • Amir Finishes his First Novel

    Amir Finishes his First Novel
    "In the summer of 1988, about six months before the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, I finished my first novel, a father-son story set in Kabul, written mostly with the typewriter the general had given me.
  • Amir goes back to pakistan to visit Rahim Khan

    "I have to go to Pakistan" She stood up now."Pakistan?" "Rahim Khan is very sick". Then a thing made of skin and bones pretending to be Rahim Khan opened the door. Nothing could more correctly describe the initial moments of my reunion with Rahim Khan. " BAba didn't get the chance to tell you but I got married fifteen years ago." (Hosseini 191 and 197). This quote shows that this was probably not the reunion that Amir was expecting, or anticipating fo that matter.
  • Amir finds out about Hassan's Death

    "You know all those years I lived in your father's house after you left? Yes, I wasn't alone for all of them. Hassan lived there with me." "Soon after I took my leave a pair of Talib officials ordered him to get his family out of the house by sundown. Hassan provided again. So they took him to the street -and ordered him to kneel-and shot him in the back of the head."(Hosseini 202 and 219). This quote demondstaights how Amir feels the same guilt and sadness that Rahim Khan does.
  • Amir finds out that he and Hassan are related

    "Sanaubar wasn't Ali's first wife. He was married once before. She left him childless after three years. Ali was sterile" "No he wasn't. He and Sanaubar had Hassan, didn't they?" "No, they didn't, Amir" "Then who-" "I think you know who."(Hosseini 222). This quote shows how Amir is finally starting to put together that even after all this time Baba still holds one final secret. Baba had an affair.
  • Amir finds Sohrab

    "...I said would you like to see him? Would you like to see my boy?" "Yes". I heard the creak of the door swinging open a boy. The resemblance was breathtaking. Sohrab went to him, head down, and stood between his thighs. "How talented he is, nay, my Hazara boy. After all these years. His name escaped my lips: "Assef."(Hosseini 279, 280, and 281). This quote shows that Amir has reconnected with an enemy he was hoping to escape but know h must face.
  • Amir tries to take Sorab to America but fails.

    Amir tries to take Sorab to America but fails.
    After Amir promises to take Sohrab to America he finds he can't. "Would you like to come live in America with me and my wife?" I'm not coming home alone. I'm bringing a little boy home with me. I want us to adopt him." "Well, Mr. Faisal thinks that it would really help if we could ask you to stay in a home for kids for a while. Home for kids? His smile fading".(Hosseini 320, 325, and 341). This quote shows how even the promises we make don't always end up being true.
  • Sohrab commits suicide

    After talking with Soraya on the phone Amir finds out that he can take Sohrab to America but a shock is coming. "We're going to America you and I. Did you hear me? We're going to America!" I pushed to the door open. Stepped into the bathroom. Suddenly I was on my knees, screaming. "I wish you hadn't-" "Please don't say that." "-With you hadn't...I wish you had left me int he water."(Hosseini 343 and 355). In this quote, Amir is upset when Sohrab tries to commit suicide.
  • Amir finally brings Sohrab to America

    After a long time of waiting Amir is finally able to bring Sohrab home to America. " We arrived home about seven months ago. Soraya picked us up from the airport. She knelt to eye level with Sohrab. She took his hand and smiled at him. "Salaam, Sohrab Jan, I'm your Khala Soraya. We've all been waiting for you. Finally, Sohrab is safe in America.
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