Afghanistan / The Kite Runner (Daniel Ballout)

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  • Rights for Afghan Women

    Rights for Afghan Women
    After Daoud's reform, many rights such as education and work were given to Women. PBS explains, "women are allowed to attend university and enter the workforce."
  • Sofia dies while giving birth to Amir

    Sofia dies while giving birth to Amir
    Amir says, “While my mother hemorrhage to death during childbirth...” (6) amir reveals him mother was killed while giving birth to him.
  • Hassan is born, his mother dies

    Hassan is born, his mother dies
    Amir narrates, “Hassan lost his mother less than a week after being born.” (6) While amir never knew his mother, hassan lost his a week after he was born."
  • Khan’s Regime Rises to Power

    Khan’s Regime Rises to Power
    Ayub Khan overthrows the previous government. PBS says, “Khan overthrows the last king, Mohammed Zahir Shah, in a military coupKhan’s regime overthrows the pervious government in power.” The People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan abolish all of the previous monarchy and Khan declares himself president.
  • Amir writes his first short story in thirty minutes

    Amir writes his first short story in thirty minutes
    Amir says, “This story’s special, I wrote it myself,” I whispered, hoping not to wake Ali. Hassan’s face brightened.” (33) Amir is enthusiastically showing Hassan the novel he wrote.
  • Hassan flew kites for the last time

    Hassan flew kites for the last time
    "Usually each neighborhood held its own competition. But that year the tournament was going to be held in my neighborhood. Word had it this was going to be the biggest tournament of the year." (55)
  • Assef rapes Hassan

    Assef rapes Hassan
    Amir says, "I could step into that alley, and up for Hassan- the way he'd stood up for me all those times in the past- and accept whatever would happen to me. Or I could run. In the end, I ran" (Hosseini 77) Amir is explaining his betrayal that haunts him the rest of his life.
  • Amir turns 13

    Amir turns 13
    The summer of 1976 was the last summer of peace and anonymity. "Things between Baba and me were already cooling off again." (93)Its important because it is described as the last summer of peace and anonymity, foreshadowing that something will happen.”
  • Ayub Khan is Assasinated

    Ayub Khan is Assasinated
    Khan is assasinated and replaced by Nur Mohammad Taraki, one of the founding members of the Afghan Communist Party. Many changes took place after the change in leadership. PBS says, “They proclaim independence from Soviet influence, and declare their policies to be based on Islamic principles, Afghan nationalism and socioeconomic justice. Taraki signs a friendship treaty with the Soviet Union.”
  • American Ambassador Assassinated

    American Ambassador Assassinated
    American Ambassador Adolph Dubs is killed in Afghanistan. America is outraged and cuts off all assistance to Afghanistan. PBS mentions, "A power struggle between Taraki and Deputy Prime Minister Hafizullah Amin begins. Taraki is killed on Sept. 14 in a confrontation with Amin supporters." There is widespread violence across the country.
  • Amir and Baba move to America

    Amir and Baba move to America
    "Fremont, California. 1980s. Baba loved the idea of America"(125)
    this is an important part because this is when Baba and Amir get closer, but also when Amirs future gets created.”
  • Amir and Baba flee Afghanistan

    Amir and Baba flee Afghanistan
    Amir says, "I thought of the way we'd left the house where I'd lived my entire life, as if we were going out for a bite..." (Hosseini 112). Amir needs to know that there power has shifted and he cant have everything handed to him anymore.
  • Mass Emigration out of Afghanistan

    Mass Emigration out of Afghanistan
    Afghan guerrillas spark violence in many parts of Afghanistan. PBS estimates, "Some 2.8 million Afghans have fled from the war to Pakistan, and another 1.5 million have fled to Iran"
  • Amir graduates Highschool

    Amir graduates Highschool
    "That summer of 1983, I graduated high school at the age of twenty, by far the oldest senior tossing his mortarboard on the football field that day."(131) this is important because this is one of the first time Baba shows how proud of he is of his son
  • Osama Bin Laden aids Anti-Soviet Fights

    Osama Bin Laden aids Anti-Soviet Fights
    Osama Bin Laden makes his first documented trip to Afghanistan to help Anti-Soviet Fighters after Soviet Invasion. Shortly after, PBS adds, "The United Nations investigates reported human rights violations in Afghanistan."
  • Baba dies of lung cancer

    Baba dies of lung cancer
    Amir says, "much of who I was, what I was, had been defined by Baba and the marks he had left on people's lives. My whole life, I had been 'Baba's son.' Now he was gone" (Hosseini 174). Amir reflects on Baba's life and realizes how much he has helped him.
  • Al-Qaida is Formed

    Al-Qaida is Formed
    Al- Qaida is created by Osama bin Laden and thousands of his followers in support of jihad, or a holy war, against the soviets. Al- Qaeda has a goal of a pure nation governed by Islam. They also shift their focus on America, PBS says, "The remaining superpower is the main obstacle to the establishment of a state based on Islam."
  • Amir becomes an author

    Amir becomes an author
    "I finished my first novel, a father son story set in Kabul."(182)
    This is when Amirs career begins, and he starts to write books.
  • Peace in Afghanistan

    Peace in Afghanistan
    The U.S., Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Soviet Union sign peace accords, stopping all violence and declaring Afghan Independence. PBS estimates," withdrawal of 100,000 Soviet troops."
  • Sohrab is born

    Sohrab is born
    "It was Sanaubar who delivered Hassan's son that winter of 1990"(211) Sohrab gives Amir a chance to gain forgiveness and atonement from Hassan.
  • Taliban Gains Support

    Taliban Gains Support
    Newly formed group, the Taliban, begins to gain support after promises of peace. Other promises, PBS adds, include, “the opium trade, crack down on crime, and curtail the education and employment of women. Women are required to be fully veiled and are not allowed outside alone. ” Tensions grow with US.
  • Tensions Grow with Unites States

    Tensions Grow with Unites States
    After Al- Qaida’s bombing of two American embassies in Africa, President Clinton orders cruise missile attacks against bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan. According to PBS, “The attacks miss the Saudi and other leaders of the terrorist group.”
  • Hassan and Forzana are killed

    Hassan and Forzana are killed
    Rahim Khan tells Amir, "'Hassan protested again. So they took him to the street. 'No,' I breathed. '-and order him to kneel-' 'No. God no.' '-and shot him in the back of the head.' 'No'" (219) Hassan and his wife were killed, leaving there son for adoption.
  • Amir seeks Atonement

    Amir seeks Atonement
    "I have to go to Pakistan. Rahim Kahn is very sick."(191)
    He goes to Pakistan for Rahim Khan, and soon learns he needs to help Hassan one last time.
  • Sohrab saves Amir

    Sohrab saves Amir
    Amir recalls, "his hand was cocked above his shoulder, holding the cup of the slingshot at the end of the elastic band which was pulled all the way back... Sohrab had the slingshot pointed to Assef's face" (290) Sohrab saves Amir after a brawl with assef.
  • 9/11 Attack

    9/11 Attack
    Hijackers ,believed to be working for Bin laden, took control of 4 commercial planes. 2 planes crashed into the Twin Towers, causing them to collapse and killing thousands. 1 plane landed in The Pentagon, a government run facility. And the last plane landed in a field in Pennsylvania. PBS mentions, "U.S. officials say bin Laden, the Saudi exile believed to be hiding in Afghanistan, is the prime suspect in the attack."
  • Amir and Sohrab fly their first kite

    Amir and Sohrab fly their first kite
    Amir asks"'Do you want me to run that kite for you?'...I thought I saw him nod. 'For you, a thousand times over,' I heard myself say" (371) Amir finally feels like he received atonement for his actions
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