Advanced Studies Timeline

  • Goal Set

    I set a goal at the beginning of the year to complete one story (non short stroy) and give it a proper ending.
  • Start of Changeling

    I started Changeling and had no real plan for where the story would go.
  • National History Day

    Today I got some primary sources for National History Day. I don't know that we'll actually put it into the contest. Our topic is the women's sufferage.
  • First Chapter Finished

    Finished the first chapter of Changeling and Began the second.
  • Plan Complete

    The plan has been completed by this time and I have a vague idea of what the plot is and who the characters are.
  • Poetry

    I took a break from Changeling and wrote some formed writing - poetry. The poetry is melodic and easy to write, it's a change that I welcome every once in a while.
  • Short Story

    Completed the short story "Tricks of the Hallows". Taking breaks from my main piece allows me to stick with it and no get bored with the content and plot.
  • Three Chapters

    Three chapters of Changeling complete, and the plot is progressing nicely. Emmixaria has been portrayed as a girl who is determined to hate the world and has very good reasons to do so, but all the same, she refuses to hole herself up and do nothing.
  • Challenges

    Wrote a very short bit on a challenge my friend in Australia gave me. We swap prompts to challenge the other's writing ability.
  • Farther In

    The group of travelers returns to Emmixaria's home and are nto welcomed with open arms, but they stay and they convince the locals.
  • Short Story

    Today I finished a short story about a girl who is the daughter of Hades and she always wanted to live with her father in the underworld, and at the same time, she didn't want for fear that there might not be sun and trees and good things.
  • Characters Added

    I added some unplanned characters that add a bit of a twist to the plot and bring some more internal conflict into the main problem in the storyline.
  • Nano Month Begins

    Nano Month story on first page (word count goal: 25000)
  • Nano Month Half Finished

    Completed part of my Nano Month story, and I estamate myself to be about half way through with the content. Right now, Seraphina is at the Dragon Hall, on the beach and thinking of her friend Elise.
  • Nano Month Word Count Met

    Got to 25000 words in my story, but am not finished with the plot, I hope to finish that by the end of the month.
  • Editing Begins

    Finished with the main body of the story for Nano Month, I will continue to edit and add to it to make it better and more structurally sound.
  • Nano Month Finished

    I finished my Nano Month Story (45611 words)
  • Changeling in Progress

    Page 34 of Changeling completed - content ~ half finished
  • Hour of Code Begins

    I signed up for hour of code today. I did some Java programming anda bit of Python.
  • Hour of Code Finished

    I finished the hour of code, and I filled out the form. I did the Java and Python and angrybirds and lightbot. It's not much, but it's a start.