Advancements in transportation

Timeline created by Nhelms
In History
  • First public bus

    This first public bus was created by Blaise Pascal. It was horse drawn. Included a regular route along with a full fare system. They could seat up to 8 passengers.
  • First self propelled road vehicle

    Invented by Nicholas Cugnot. It was steam powered and could seat a couple of people. It was built and tested for the French army. To create this vehicle, Nicholas had to also create the first steam powered engine.
  • Steamboat is created

    This was not a steam boat like one would think of. Instead it was a paddle wheel steamboat. It was first demonstrated by Marquis Claude Francois.
  • First hot air balloons are put in action

    Hot air balloons were first invented by the Monglofier brothers. They looked very similar to those of today.
  • Bicycles are invented

    These were very different from the hose we have today. However they were the first two wheeled bikes like the ones most have today.
  • First ever steam locomotive

    Richard Trecvithick created this locomotive. However it was a locomotive not one for railroads.
  • Internal Combustion Engine

    Isaac de Rivas was responsible for the creation of this engine. This was a hydrogen gas powered design. However, it was very unsuccessful but led to more experimentation.
  • Gas engine automobile

    Jean Lenoir creates the first gas engine automobile. However it was not until later that it became highly used and many others had better designs.
  • First motorcycle

    This first motorcycle was not very practical. It didn’t set well and others in the next 20 years would come up with better designs that had Petroleum engines.
  • Compressed air brakes

    Created by George Westinghouse. Were made specifically so that trains would be able to stop with a fail safe.
  • Cable car invented

    Invented by Andrew Hallidie. Were not used in the street till two years later. Were first introduced in San Francisco.
  • The Zeppelin

    Invented by Ferdinand von Zepplin. Would eventually become famous for how it crashed and burnt up.
  • First human flight

    Occurred in Kitty Hawk South Carolina. While they weren’t actually the first to fly, they had the first successful design and were able to publicize it very well.
  • The Helicopter

    Designed by Igor Sikorsky. Ended up being very unsuccessful and was dangerous.
  • Better production of cars

    Henry Ford managed to improve the assembled line. This helped Ford to rise in popularity and become the main manufacturer of automobiles.
  • Hydrofoil boats

    Invented by Alexander Graham Bell and Casey Baldwin. These were basically boats that would skim across the water. Now days they are raised and almost look like a sea plane but without the wings.