Adolph Hitler's Life

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  • Birth

    Adolph Hitler is born in a small town in Austria known as Braunau, which is near the border of Germany
  • Drop Out

    Drop Out
    Adolph drops out of shcool at the age of 15
  • Devastated

    Hitler's is distraught over the death of his beloved mother (died of cancer) at the age of 18 but he uses this as a motivation to pursue his artistic dream
  • Hitler's Hatred for Jews Begins

    Hitler's Hatred for Jews Begins
    Hitler is financially broke, rejected by the Vienna Academy of Art, and develops and volatile hatred for Jews because he believes it was a Jewish man who rejected his artwork at the Vienna Academy of Art
  • Soldier

    Adolph joins the Austrian army at the age of 25
  • Mein Kampf: Adolph's Start

    Mein Kampf: Adolph's Start
    Adolph wrote Mein Kampf, "my struggles", while imprisoned for 9 months in Landsberg Prison for storming a beer hall in Munich copying Mussolini's "March on Rome"
  • Hitler Comes to Power

    Hitler Comes to Power
    Adolph's Nazi party becomes the largest political party in Germany with Hitler as the Reich Chancellor
  • Absolute Power

    Absolute Power
    Adolph Hitler takes the Fuhrer Oath and is put into office with absolute power over the German people
  • D-Day: Allied Invasion of Normandy, France

    D-Day: Allied Invasion of Normandy, France
    Adolph begins to lose ground when the Allies gain a foothold in Eastern Europe. Combined with Hitler's large mistake of invading Russia, Hitler's Germany quickly begins to lose ground and fall
  • Operation Valkyrie Failure

    Operation Valkyrie Failure
    Major Claus von Stauffenberg of the German army and many other conspirators attempted the most well-known of all of the Hitler assassination attempts. They attempted to kill Hitler in an explosion, and then take power of Germany in an attempt to dismantle Nazi rule and save Germany. Hitler survived the explosion and had all the conspirators excuted
  • Death

    Adolph Hitler commits suicide along with his wife and dog in a bunker surrounded by Russian forces
  • End of Hostilities: Germany's Surrender

    End of Hostilities: Germany's Surrender
    After Germany's capital of Berlin was stormed by the Russians, Germany agrred to an unconditional surrender on May 7