Adolph Hitler

  • Period: to

    Adolph Hitler

  • Edmund dies (brother)

  • Father Died

    Father Died
  • Mom Died

    Mom Died
  • Denied admission to Art School

    Denied admission to Art School
  • Moved to Vienna

  • Became German Nationalist

  • Left Australia to avoid draft

  • War World 1 started

  • Joined war

  • Battle of the Somme

    wounded because he clips his moustache
  • Army awards

    Army awards
    Hitler receives the Iron Cross first class for his bravery.
  • Hitler gets blinded

  • Became spy

  • Becomes Furher of Nazi party

  • Was arrested

    Hitler was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for Treason. He began to write his autobiography 'Mein Kampf' while he was in prison.
  • Sent to prison

  • Release from prison

  • Hitler becomes chancellor

  • Holocaust begins

  • When Hitler died

    When Hitler died