Adolph Hitler

  • Born

    Adolph Hitler Born in Austria
  • Period: to

    Adolph Hitler

  • moves to Germany

    Hitlers family moves from Austria to Germany
  • homeless

    Adolph lived in a homeless shelter for several years, where he claimed to become antisemetic
  • budding artist

    Adolph began to show an interest in Art
  • WWI

    Hitler joined the war effort for Germany
  • decorated in WWI

    Hitler was injured at the Somme, and received the Iron Cross, first class and the Black Wound Badge
  • devestated by German Surrender

    The German surrender reinforced Hitler's German patriotism. He thought the Treaty of Versaille was degrading and he did not approve of the demiliterization of the Rhineland or the fact that Germany had to accept responsibility for the war
  • after WWI

    After WWI Hitler worked in Munich as an intelligence officer. He later joined the DAP or German workders party
  • hitler jailed

    Hitler, led by the Sturmabteilung (SA) attacked a Munich Beer Hall, where he announced that the National Revolution had begun. He was arrested and jailed. he wrote his book the meinkampf
  • hitler ran aganst paul van hindenburg for president

    he lost but still got some power becuse he got to be chancelor
  • the nazi party was declaired the only legal party in germany

  • death