Adolf Hitler's Life

  • Birthday

    Adolf Hitler was born in an Austrian village called Braunau. He lived with his father Alois Hitler and mother Klara Pölzl, and his siblings Edmund, Paula, half-brother Alois Jr., half-sister Angela.
  • Period: to

    Hitlers Childhood

    As a boy, Hitler lived on a farm with much work and not a lot of playtime while his father was at work. He was spoiled by his mother, and lived in a small house with his big family. He was very bright in school, he learned things easily and was very good at drawing. He loved to read and was enthralled by readings about Cowboys and Indians, and often played games reenacting them. He also became obsessed with a book he found about war. Age nine was the start of his mischief stage.
  • Adolf's Father Dies

    Adolf Hitler and his father had a tough relationship as he grew up. Alois was verys strict and when he retired from his civil service career, he wanted Hitler to follow in his footsteps. He made him go to technical school, and they often fought over Hitler's future. When he died though, Hitler was very upset. "The harsh words that sometimes fell from his lips could not belie the warm heart that beat under the rough exterior."
    Hitler's life after his fathers death was not disciplined.
  • Hiter moves to Vienna

    He moved in high hopes of getting into art school.
  • Hitler's Mother Dies

    Adolf Hitler and his mother were very close. She spoiled him, and his death took a great toll on his life. He returned home after not getting into art school, and tried to take care of his mother when she was very ill from breast cancer, even after surgery. She was buried on Christmas Eve in the cememtary with her husband and son.
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    After the death of Hitler's parents, he strived to become an artist and follow his dream. No school would let him in but he kept trying year after year taking an exam. He did not try to get a job, and he ended up pawning all of his things for little cash. Sleeping on a bench got old, so he stayed in a poor person's house near a jewish community. He then began selling his art to Jewish business's & making his money that way.
  • Period: to

    Hitler in WWI

    Eager Hitler at age 25 volunteered to be in the war. He was a lucky soilder, escaping death by chance. He never wanted to leave the front, and did not seemed to be phased by his family not sending him anything in the mail like the others soliders recieved. He never complained about the less fortunate conditions of military living, he enjoyed it. He earned 5 medals, but was never promoted because his superiors thought he didnt have repsectable leadership skills.
  • Nazi Party Formed

    Hitler became part of the German Workers Party, and they tried to get more people to become a part of their small party. He spoke at a meeting on October 16, 1919, and won over his anti-semitic audience. By the end of 1920 the party had over 3,000 members. His speech's moved the beliefs of the Germans Worker's Party into more anti-semitic/ German Nationalist views. This lead into the rise of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, NSDAP, or Nazi for short.
  • Hitler is named leader of Nazi Party

    HItler was a big contributer in the Nazi party, but the members and executive committee thought he was being too dictorial. He quit to try to prove a point that the party would end without him, and demanded the only way he would come back was if he could have dictorial powers and the position of chairman. July 29, 1921 he was first formally recognized as Nazi Party leader.
  • Period: to

    Dip in the economy

    German economy took a huge dip. The value of the German dollar went way down because of an inflation caused by the war. Hunger riots broke out because German's were paid with worthless money.
  • Nazi Party Grows

    The Nazi Party was constantly growing, and in September the General Election of Representitives of Parliment of the party grew from 14 to 107 members.
  • Hitler's Niece Suicide

    Hitler had become madly in love with his niece (which was accepted by the church and society) He had not let her do anything though. His jealous and protective personality made her "claustrophobic" and one day in September, she shot herself.
  • German Citizen

    Hitler becomes an official citizen of Germany. This allows him to be able to run for president against Hindenburg like he challanged to do in 1931.
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor

    Hitler was elected to become chancellor of a coalition government
  • Nazi Party Starts Planning

    The Nazi Party starts mapping out their planned attacks and take over of places in Germany.
  • President Hindenburg's Death

    After the Death of Hindenburg, Hitler Fuhrer of Germany
  • WWII

    Hitler declares World War II with the hopes of invading Poland "enslaving and liquidizing" the Jewish population.
  • Onto Russa

    Hitler and his army marched on to Russia, but they failed to take over their three major city goals; Leningrad, Moscow, and Stalingrad.
  • Attempted Assasination

    A former political group tried to kill Hitler. It failed, and from then on Hitler's orders became more violent, and the terror of Jews greatened.
  • Hitler's Suicide

    Hitler commits suicide after murdering his wife of two days, Eva Braun.
  • Period: to


    Feb.; The German Reichstag is destroyed by a fire. The blame was put on the communist, though.
    Mar.;The Enabling Act passed (makes Hitler declared Dictator)
    Apr.;Communist party banned.
    May; Socialists, Trade Unions and strikes banned.