Adolf Hitler

  • Treaty of versailles

    Helped the Nazi's because the people of germany needed someone to rely on and the Nazis provided that.
  • Hyperinflation

    The people of Germany were thinking that "the world was going to end" and the Nazi's promised to help them through this tough time.
  • Mein Kampf

    Gave the German people hope that Hitler will not give up.
  • World Depression

    Hitler gave hope to the people of germany someone to look up to in this hard time.
  • Hitler Becomes chancellor

    Hitler gained more power and people listened to him more.
  • General Election

    Hitler gained more power because people voted for him.
  • The Enabling Act

    Hitler could make his own laws which helped him to gain power.
  • The Gestapo

    Nazis were put in charge of the local government and police which helped him to gain power.
  • Opposition Parties Banned

    This meant that there were no other parties to disagree with their ideas.
  • Hitler Becomes Führer

    This gave Hitler total control over Germany and he could do what ever he wanted to do.