Adolf Hitler

By mj5817
  • Adolf Hitler Was Born

    April 20th 1889 .Braunau am Inn, Austria
  • Brother's And Sibling's

    Adolf Hitler was one of 6 siblings. Three of which died at a early age due to Diptheria and measles
  • Period: to

    Adolf Hitler Timespan

  • Adolf Hitler Attended a Benedictine Monastery School

    As a child he attended a Christain school. Which could contribute to his hatred towards other religions, most likely the Jewish religion. When he was able to apply to a special admission school he got rejected several times. He wanted to go to a Art school because he loved to paint.
  • Hitler Officially Homeless By The Age Of 18

    By the age of 18 Hitler was homeless and parentless. His Mother and Father had died. His Mother died of Breast cancer and his Fathers death is unknown
  • He tried selling his possessions and art in order to survive

    When Hitler turned 18 and after his parents died he tried selling his art, he didn't sell much however.
  • He avoided the army

    When Hitler turned 24 he left Austria because he didn't want to be in the Army.
  • WWI

    When WWI started Hitler finally joined the army
  • His famous speech

    On a day in October this year Hitler gave his speech about the Jewish religion and how they were the reason for the economic troubles
  • His promotion

    When he was in the Army he was promoted to the highest rank of corporal
  • His Award

    As the highest rank corporal he earned the Iron Cross which is the highest Military honor in Germnay
  • Prices Increasing

    The prices of items such as eggs have been raised
  • Settling a Dispute

    France and Britain both traveled to Germany to settle a reparations dispute
  • Attempting An Attack

    Hitler tried taking over the Bavarian Government but he failed
  • Published book

    A second book on the Nazi party was published
  • In the 1930 Elections

    During the Elections during 1930 Hitler got 18% of the Nazi party votes
  • Presidency Elections

    When Hitler ran for president he got almost 30% of the votes. However he made some deals and pulled some strings and eventually was appointed to office
  • Ladder of Power

    Since Hindenburg died around this time. Hitlers clawing to power was very easy. Since he had all of the power he was able to trick people into believing that the Jewish religion was the reason for all of Germnays current problems
  • Hitler Launches His Attacks

    Hitler launched attacks on Poland making France and England to declare war on Germany.
  • Ignoring the Pact

    Ignoring the pact that he had with the Soviet Union no one could trust anyone else and war and chaos broke out everywhere
  • Death Of Hitler

    In 1945 Hitler and his wife killed themself and that was the end of the Nazi nonsense