Adolf Hitler

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  • Adolf Hitler was born

    Adolf Hitler was born
    Adol Hitler was born the 20th day of April 1889. He was born to his mother and father in an Inn called the Gasthof zum Pommer. He was the fourth child born to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. This was the preface to a dark time and History. This small boy would grow up to be the leader of the Nazis and cause the Holocaust.
  • Jewish Doctor Fails to save his mother.

    Jewish Doctor Fails to save his mother.
    On December 21st 1907 Hitler's mother Klara dies from breast cancer. Her doctor was Jewish and even after a dangerous medicine and several painful operations he treated her with she still died. This could've been important in why he hated Jews so much.
  • Hitler becomes prejudice against Jews.

    Hitler becomes prejudice against Jews.
    Hitler was virtually penniless and he spent most of his nights sleeping in bars and homeless shelters. Mainly run by Jews. Even his two bestfriends were jews, but still the media's portrayal of Jews got to him. This and the starts of war were also what caused him to be so utterly against the Jewish people
  • Hitler Gets Gassed

    Hitler Gets Gassed
    In october 1918, after serving a total of four years in the trenches of war, Hitler was temporarily blinded by a mustard gas attack which gave him many issues as to the strength he possessed. During his time of healing he discovered that he had a fond hatred of the communists and added the Russians to the list of people he would someday conquer beside the Jews. He was convinced that the Mustard gas attack had been the Jews and communists closely and was thinking of ways to get back at them.
  • National Revolution Begins

    National Revolution Begins
    The Bavarian government held a meeting of about 3,000 officials. While Gustav von Kahr, the leader was making a speech, Hitler and a crew of armed stormtroopers were invading the building. Hitler leaped onto a table, fired two shots into empty space and told the other members in the room that the Munich Putsch was taking over and the National Revolution had begun. This certain event caused Hitler to feel the need for power, and to be the best and succeed in all he did.
  • Time Span below is part of the events

    Time Span below is part of the events
  • Start of the Holocaust

    During the month that Hitler became the president of Germany, the Holocaust began led by Hitler. It was original plan stated in the Mein Kampf's first volume. hitler simply wanted to get the Jews out of Germany, this was stated in what he wanted to be his thoudand year reich. This of course was in Hitler's mind, only accomplished by one great threat, Eliminating at least two thirds of Europe's Jewery.
  • Hitler Becomes President of Germany

    Hitler Becomes President of Germany
    Hindenburg died in August 1934. Hitler was the Automatic successor and with an improving economy Hitler claimed credit and secured his postion as dictator. With this he put his actions that he planned in the Mein Kampf a book he wrote in jail, into action
  • Hitler and his Wife Commit Suicide

    Hitler and his Wife Commit Suicide
    On April 30th, 10 days after his 56th birthday and one day after his marriage with Eva Braun. He and his wife commited suicide in his private study in his house in Berlin near the time 2:00 pm. He killed himself by gunshot and his wife by biting down on a cyanide tablet. They did this to prevent themselves from being captured by the Russian Troops that occupied Berlin at the time. This was important because the Nazis lost their leader and it was the first step to ending WWII.
  • Holocaust Ends

    Holocaust Ends
    On may 8th 1945, After Hitler died, and after being defeated by the U.S. and Russia Nazi Germany surrendered. without hitler as their leader and their loss of troops they let go of all the prisoners in the camps and let them go free.
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    Adolf Hitler's Life

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    Hitler becomes Hindenburg Chancellor

    Hitler's Nazi party won 18% of the vote in the 1930 elections. In 1932 hitler ran for president and won 30% of the vote, forcing the expected victor, Paul von Hindenburg to make a political deal with Hitler. He appointed Hitler Chancellor in Jaunuary 1933. So that when or if Hindenburg died during his time as president hitler would ecome the new President.