Adele Before & Now

By OdalysM
  • Birth

    Adele Laurie Blue Adkins born in Tottenham, London, United Kingdom
  • Her childhood

    Her childhood
    Adele is the unique daughter of Penny Adkins who had it, when she only had 18 years old. Her father is Mark Evans who left his family, when she only had 4 years old. They kept in contact but in her adolescence the relationship deteriorated
  • Ex boyfriend

    Ex boyfriend
    When Adele found out that her ex boyfriend was cheating on her, with one of her friends. Adele confront him and after she released her album "19". After the exit of the album her ex boyfriend, wanted to sue her, because "he inspired her", thing that Adele denied
  • Operation

    I had a throat disease, that force her to leave the scenarios for a time, but after her operation Adele could sing high notes like nothing's happen
  • Grammys

    Adele prevailed as the winner. She surpassed established artists such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, and took home all six awards for which she was nominated.
  • Her child

    Her child
    Although Adele wanted to be mother, she suffered a depression post-partum. Thats why she doesn't wants to have another baby Afther the birth of Angelo,Adele became obsessed with being around of Angelo and she felt guilty for leave her baby alone.
  • Divorce

    In 2019 Adele and Simon Konecki announced their divorce after three years of marriage. Because the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement, Konecki might be able to keep up to half of Adele's fortune.
  • Father

    Adele and her father reconciled, but her father betrayed her trust, and no longer after her divorce he tell at the paparazzis about her secrets
  • Glow up

    Glow up
    At the end of 2020, Adele lose a lot of weight.
    Not for anyone just for her, because she wants to be healthy
  • Her dad's death

    Her dad's death
    He has died at the age of 57 due to cancer, they were estranged and he himself confessed alcoholism problems that made him toxic to his daughter