adams top 5 timeline

  • the oreggon trail

    the oreggon trail
    2000 mile long trail. about 500,000 pioneers crossed over to oregon from the east cost. this trail was the reason people were able to cross over to the west cost.
  • whitman massacre

    whitman massacre
    dr. marcus whitman, his wife and many other missionaries killed by indians in oregon county. it cause the cayuse war and paved the way for washington and oregon.
  • seattle fire

    seattle fire
    at 2:45 pm on june 6, 1889 a fire caused by john e back destroyed 24 city blocks. the pollution levels jumped and they started making everthing out of brick
  • centidia massacre

    centidia massacre
    american legion,and industrial workers of the world, caused by labor unrest, there were six deaths and many more injuries. attracted national media, world started to realize they needed to change how workers were treated.
  • grand coulee dam

    grand coulee dam
    550 feet tall, 300 feet wide, used 12 million cubic feet of concrete. the dam controls flooding and river regulation while providing water storage, irrigation and power.